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I have run into so many great blog posts lately, I don't know where to begin my responses. That's a lie. I know where I want to begin - with me!

I sent a question into my old Team in Training triathlon coach (Nicole) about training for both on- and off-road triathlons. For those of you who did the Xterra with me last season, you know it was a horrible experience...worth repeating! While I rocked the bike, I sucked at the swim and run. Nicole's response to my question bring about some great points about how all these events tie into one another for an off-road triathlon compared to an on-road triathlon. I had a great time doing both an on and off-road triathlon, so I want to be able to train to do either. She gave some solid advice about how I can have my cake and eat it too. I can't say it as good as she did, so hop on over to her coaching blog to read her post by clicking here.

I'm excited about the new layout of Robb Wolf's website. There's also a section with real life testimonials in it. Testimonials are great for inspiration. However, I prefer to read blogs. I find the insight that people put into multiple posts is more beneficial. You can see exactly what they eat, read about how they feel, and sometimes see how it ties to performance or just plain health. Feel free to post links to other blogs on my comments section. And no, they don't have to be paleo blogs. I'm an avid meat eater, but I've found many recipes from vegetarian blogs that I absolutely enjoy along with my meatasaurus rex meals.

Here's a video from Art De Vany regarding his New Evolution Diet. I found the link off the Conditioning Research blog. De Vany has a book to promote, so why not talk about it on YouTube? If you're passionate about your health, take the time to learn some background about different diets. If you train people or deal with their nutrition in any way, it is important to understand the where people are coming from regardless of what diet you promote. How will you get someone on your bandwagon if you can't speak their language? How will you attack any nutrition issues if you are clueless about the reasoning behind their choices? Watch, learn, use.

Finally, a set of slides I nabbed from the Sprint Strong blog regarding metabolic conditioning for team sports. Crossfit training is one thing and team sports are another. However, some of the information sounds like elements in the Crossfit methodology. The methodology was built on some pretty sound science, so it should come as no surprise to see bit and pieces of it pop up in other methodologies as well. Crossfit cult members, please remember that Crossfit is built on science, not the other way around. Therefore, it cannot actually OWN science. Sorry guys. Please take a peak at these slides to gain some insight into the sports world looks at metabolic conditioning. I liked the slide where they break down what type of activity is done in soccer. It shows it is necessary to know the sport your working with if you want to optimize training programs.

Isn't learning fun?!
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