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Be Kind to Yourself and Another

Tis the season for merry making and cheer, right? Black Friday shopping lines and over-spending are not what I consider to be cheer though. You know what else I don't find cheerful? People saying I'm allowed to cheat on a diet at a particular time of the year. I do believe in cheating, but I'm sure cheating the entire "holiday season" is not a good thing. They're talking an entire season, not just a meal! Do not fall prey to these people, they do not have your health in mind.

How do you help yourself? Pick your cheats wisely, make it worth it. You're about to put your belly through hell, it better be delicious. Keep it limited though. Have cheat meals, not entire cheat days. Do not allow yourself to have cheat meals on consecutive days. That's how you start a routine of badness that can ignite a diet failure. If you decide to go for something only slightly off the Paleo path, be cautious. You may not get the typical gastric distress signals to stop eating because you've eliminated many of the gut irritants. There's a high chance to overeat on these foods because they don't knot your stomach. Stuffing yourself beyond satiety with large quantities of an obviously Paleo ingredient is still cheating. Yeah, true story.
How do you help others? Give the gift of health. It does not have to be an expensive posh gym membership. Maybe a drop in card at a Crossfit gym, personal training sessions, Life as Rx tee's are cool no matter who you are, a massage, or food. Food? Yeah - fUd. There's an awesome gift idea at Elana's Pantry. Is it strict Paleo? Absolutely not. Is it pretty Paleo? Um, yeah. And delicious! It might be just enough to 1. Show the anti-Paleo people that there are still tasty treats you can have without the grains, 2. Let your Paleo friends know you care and think they're as sweet as the cookies the gift makes, and 3. Give those struggling with Paleo better options than Oreo cookies for the holidays.

Remember the gift of sleep, especially if you share a bed or house with another. When one is committed to training, a little sickness is "nothing." How about trying to nip that strain, sniffle, or cough before it gets out of control? That's where you come in - show another some love. My husband was feeling under the weather.  Today was the day to sleep in, not to workout at 0600. Why? He felt sick. It is ok to take the time to rest and sleep to get better, support your loved one in making this decision because it isn't easy. It's a mental thing. Many of you workout fanatics know that truth. Ease routine "burdens" to lessen the stress load. That can be sharing chores, eating out rather than rushing to cook a meal, and (most important for Type A's) not fretting over a broken routine. High probability the world will not end if you let your loved ones take their time with something and you arrive at the next stop later than usual. However, when all you talk about is being late to the next appointment, it makes it impossible for your loved one to do anything at a less than stressful pace. Take care of one another. If you're that close to a sickie, your turn may be next :P

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