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anything = sexy?
Here's a picture from the December 16, 2010 WOD from the main site. It's a pretty picture, nice view. The comments to the picture were interesting. A majority of comments related to how pretty the lady was. Other comments wanted to know about the front view. There were also comments about how the picture was distasteful, unwanted, unnecessary. Some comments stated that lady in the picture wasn't what a "real" woman looked liked. Interesting.

I've heard claims that the Crossfit community, and others as well, is all about leveraging functionality and strength. Muscles are required to be strong. There is not much definition in the back of this girl. That was the root of some comments. She was stereotypically pretty and not Crossfit pretty. I understand. My first reaction to the people raving about the "Strong = Sexy" Life as Rx tee, what you really meant to say was "Anything without a top = sexy." Don't get the two confused because it is an insult to any Crossfit lady to be put on the same level as stereotypical pretty. Our ladies may not be on the cover of Maxim, but we are all over the Crossfit Journal. And we don't mind that, one day, one of us will make it to Maxim and we will redefine what is stereotypically pretty.

HOWEVER, there is little benefit to calling the lady ugly. Unless your goal is to be mean, degrading, or irrelevant? I could starve myself to see my six pack and muscle striation. Is that "strong" enough for you? The muscular definition we talk about is a RESULT of diet, exercise, and recovery. Functional-minded people get that way because they are healthy rather than their health being a byproduct of muscular definition. Perhaps she is in the the process of getting strong. I would not want to demean her efforts because she takes a good picture. To the people that commented on how pretty she was - good for you. 

I don't believe the entire male population consists of pigs and jerks. Looking at my male friends, I say they find most ladies have "acceptable" looks. What they love is not a look though. It's an attitude (and intelligence). Give the guys some credit. While they like strong bodies, they really like a strong attitude. It's the work ethic they admire. When I did my Crossfit cert in Golden, there were three female coaches. All of them beautiful. Not because they had pretty faces. Everything they did was riddled with the desire to make their students better. They focused on being helpful, not catty. They cared. Now that was impressive and beautiful.

Just because someone calls out a girl for being hot, it doesn't mean that lady's looks define the universe of "hotness." Let's not be so hasty to be offended and assume the commenter is a total DB. And can we please drop the assumption that Strong = Sexy refers only to outer looks?

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