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My dearest Diane

It was today's workout of 21-15-9 dead lifts and handstand push ups (HSPU). I've found there are all kinds of "Rx's" the ladies use, like 155, 165, and 185lbs. I chose the internet stalking easy way out and went with what I saw on the main site. What did I see? I saw some bad ass ladies hitting the workout at the full weight, truly as prescribed. I also saw some other bad ass ladies hitting the workout at 185. So that's what I went with that. Why? The weight is commonly used as the suggested ladies' weight for dead lifts in other Crossfit workouts and I'm no Kristan. Eight minutes, fourteen seconds later, I knew it was a good choice.

I'm jotting down times, feelings, feedings, etc. Then I thought, "hey jackass, what about form?" Not on the lift, but HSPUs. What I commonly forget to note is body positioning. What are the points of contact (heels, butt, shoulders), was there any wall climbing with the feet (no, sir), how many times did I come off the wall (LOTS) - those things. I was that chick doing the HSPUs with an overly arching back, using feet to walk the walls, and hands so far apart I only had an inch of travel to get my head to the ground. My next goal is HSPUs on parallets. I figure if I can do them freely, I can do them with whatever other rules people like to apply.

My goal isn't to do the minimum and leave it at that. It's more a stepwise process. Step 1 - be proficient at the true movement. Step 2 - be proficient at the movement + hell. Step 3 - "game" it. Example - become proficient at KB swings, do heavy KB swings, do shrugging KB swing (compliant with "rules" but not "true" to form). Event organizers have a way of throwing in small changes that are technical enough to cause a large effect. Their goal may be to fuck me up, my goal is to just fuck back. I'm not to the point where I can game the HSPUs. Maybe soon though.

How will I track my progress - journaling and blogging! If I don't do it, I'll lose out on some good notes. Write down max efforts, track progress, figure out how sleep and diet are affecting performance. Don't be lame about it, put some detail into it. Serious writing takes time, but it's how all this writing crap becomes meaningful in terms of performance. Journaling isn't just for sissies and suckers. It's good fodder for internet stalking too :P
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