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Max Pain
Last week was max week as part of our two-a-day workouts. I was popped before the week ended, but managed to scrape lifts out until Sunday. I can't say they were my best, but it was all I had to give. Good news was that everything increased. I reached personal goals on shoulder press and dead lift. I'm pretty happy with that. Although the soreness and stiffness has slowly left, I'm still recovering from the tired feeling.

The diet of last week did not fare so well. The week started out wonderfully (yea). Then a drill day hit (boo). And on that drill day was a going away at Itz! (hissssssss). Talk about lack of quality control in the food department. The vegetables were dried out, likely from old age. The dressing looked like it had been there for awhile too. So, I didn't eat much as compared to what I usually scarf down my pie hole. How did that play out? A big fat revenge of the hungry freakin tummy at dinner. There's no escaping your body's need for food. However, there is escaping the simple mental controls that usually keep your intake in check. Oh, it was bad. Everything looked to be tasty and in immediate need to GET IN MY BELLY! And so it was. I ate and drank way more than I should. It would not have been so bad except the delicious dessert treat I got. I should have tried a mini size dessert, but the hunger that built up from lunch was bigger than Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. Down the pint sized sundae dessert went. Suffering ensued for the next two days. Not enough to keep me away from more crap eating on Saturday though (not to worry, I go big or go home). It all ended with a pumpkin cheesecake from Champps during the UFC fights.
I will say that both desserts were delicious. Under certain circumstances, I probably wouldn't beat down on myself for eating them...unfortunately, those circumstances were not present. Cheat choices should revolve around making smart decisions while you're training, trying to meet weight loss and/or body composition goals, and when all other eating has been sound. Skipping meals and consecutive cheats are not sound decisions for me. Some people can handle cheat meals, I cannot. You know if you take too many cheats on your diet and training programs. Acknowledge the weakness and create fix actions. Time for gloating is over. I'm back on the wagon...right in time for holiday cooking :( Not to worry, Elana's Pantry has some better options than what might be presented during the typical Thanksgiving holiday. I suggest cutting recipes in half, especially if you don't need the temptation hanging around for longer than a day (I say this looking in the mirror at myself). I've used different substitutes to make recipes align more with what I should be eating. If you're not big on that, why not just call it even at the fact it is gluten free? Balance out what your taste buds want and what your body can handle. You can tell your appetite thanks without telling your digestive track to go fuck itself. Really, you can. But hey, it's the time to be thankful, not to beat down on yourself. Figure out what that means for your holiday eating plans...just don't lie to yourself.


-JARED- said…
Good use of internet meme, guttural sounds in parenthesis, and Austin Powers references.

Reading stuff about eating right always makes me wonder why I don't.


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