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How to Eat Paleo in Kauai

...just go and be :P

Eating Paleo during our honeymoon in Hawaii was no problem at all. I owe a deep thanks to Kauai for making it easy to stay somewhat on track with my diet. Meat was delicious, fruit and veggies were awesome. If you know me, you know I love fruit. It's been my bane as far as body composition is concerned. I have problems stopping at just one piece of fruit. However, in Hawaii it was slightly different. The local fruit was so potent with flavor that I was satisfied with just a thin, small slice of pineapple. What?! Yeah, srlsy. I couldn't believe it either. Just a wee bit of fruit was all I needed? I used to eat cans of pineapple in a day.

This makes me wonder -is it really the quantity we desire or the quality. I'm pretty sure I don't want to overeat on fruit in Colorado. What I want is to eat to a certain level of satisfaction. I am expecting a particular flavor from my fruit and eat until I feel that flavor has been met. When you ship something across country, chill it down, warm it up again, and process it, flavor is hampered. I can't stop eating fruit because my tongue doesn't associate the taste of the crap I get from the stores with what it expects/wants. I'm starting to see the localvore point of view (not totally bought in just yet).

What I've also come to understand is that there will be no pineapple produced/shipped to me in such a way that it maintains the flavor I want. I'm pretty much done trying to buy tropical fruit in non-tropical places. Ok, I get it now - buy seasonal, don't just buy local but buy "native" (you know what I mean). People and science are talented enough to make things grow where they didn't naturally thrive. Having it grow doesn't equate to having the great taste quality. Take advantage of vacations to other places. REALLY enjoy food in other places. When you get home, stop trying to consume as much of it as you can. Besides, there are so many things you won't be able to replicate with that experience, why go set yourself up for disappointment? Create a new food eating experience and enjoy it.

Remember how mom's cooking tastes so good and it can't quite be replicated? Stop trying. Go to mom's place to have mom's food. When you're not there, have something else. Same concept. Stop being one of those people that say how much something tastes better in another place (Guinness/Ireland, beer/Germany, etc.). You're not there, instead enjoy where you are at.
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