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what's up sugar?

What's my blood sugar level? I don't know. I have no specific numbers. What I have is a family history of diabetes. I live in a culture where self-induced diabetes is rampant. People are told what to avoid in their diet. There are also plenty of nutritionist to work with that will help you with more complex concerns. For myself, I hired a nutritionist because I knew my chances of getting diabetes were pretty high based of genetics, but I still wanted to eat for peak performance. Breads, pastas, that jazz right? Wrong. Burning the sugar fire is not the only way to performance nor are wheat based products the only source of carbs. This isn't new in science journals, but it seems to be new to most mainstream media and the FDA.

If you think you're insulin is great, ok, moderate, or fine, take an honest look. I've heard my overweight friends and family talk about how good they feel and how they can get around and how they don't need to pay attention to their sugar levels. Then one day, the doc tells them they've got diabetes. Did this happen overnight? Ummm, no. Chances are people adjusted to their level of health and thought adjusted = comfortable = healthy. Just because you are comfortable moving your overweight ass from the couch to the refrigerator, does not mean you are healthy. It means you're used to being uncomfortable. You've adapted to an unhealthy lifestyle. Deep inside, you know that you are eating with the goal of poor health in mind.

"But, I'm ok. It's not anything I have to worry about." Really? I don't know many working scientists and nutritionists. If I'm talking to you, chances are you are not the expert you believe yourself to be. I'm not either. Don't believe everything I say. Believe the science. Look at what a large amount of experts are saying (not just one or two). Be critical of what you read. Become intimate with spotting good research and pointing out poorly drawn conclusions. Then look in the mirror. Have what you been and saying to yourself in the long run worked in your favor? Are you still not where you want to be in terms of health and fitness? If you answer no, then you are not ok and you do have something to worry about. Drop your biased ideas on nutrition, they're not helping you.

You may be fooling yourself to believe things are healthier and portion sizes are smaller. Need help? Get a scale and start weighing. Weight to see if what you "think" is what you are really getting. Quit your baby crying. Put down that ho-ho. Put down that eighth cheat meal of the week. Grow some ovaries and be fucking healthy.
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