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What the Holy Hell?

We went to Albuquerque this weekend to compete in the 5k event at the Duke City Marathon. I have a love/hate relationship with Albuquerque like some people have with running. It is one of the few places that allows me to enjoy and reflect on life at the same time. It's great. So, while enjoying the Paleolithic Solution book by Robb Wolf, I was thinking of recent training goals. I realized that everyone once in awhile, I sabotage myself. What?! Yeah. RLY! SRSLY! As much shit as I talk about pushing myself and doing things to get better and reach goals, every once in awhile peeps a setup for failure.

In his book, Wolf mentioned the importance of sleep. He mentions it plenty of times in his podcasts, but it really hit home when reading it. I was in a mood to enjoy life and reflect, it's Albuquerque. If you've ever taken drugs for insomnia, you know that sleep isn't real sleep. It's like routinely going into a coma that you wake up from hours later with no memories and slightly drunk. With all my talk about rest and making it a priority, I wasn't setting my sleep up for success. What made things worse is the effect shit sleep had on my body composition goals. It is easy to brush over sleep as a culprit for an inability to lose weight. Looking back at my journal, I can see my food was good and my exercise was good. My sleep - crap.

Here's what a typical journal entry on sleep would look like:

To bed at 2200. Took a 1.5-2 hrs to fall asleep. Tossed and turned. Woke up frequently to take a piss. Back to bed. Wake up at 0545. TIRED!!! Dead. Tired.

Yeah. So, I thought being in bed counted towards my sleep. It does not. Also, the quality of my sleep is crap. Boooo! Here I am, pressing myself to do better in every way but not setting myself to succeed. To have those expectations and not get the sleep required to support those goals is sabotage. True story. I thought of starting back up on sleep aids or a little wine to help sleep. That's not going to solve my problem. If you didn't know, I'm getting married soon! BAAHHHH!! I know I'm a sucker right?! It seems the stress of planning and making sure details are in place is getting to me. I have two options - be more realistic with the goals OR forget the stress. How about we balance this? I don't like letting go of goals. I'm going to try to wu-sa-bah my way to less stress, but if I miss a lift or a weight loss goal, I'll try not to be so harsh on myself (yeah, right).

Bummer that I'm not where I want to be at this moment. Bigger bummer if I never got the sleep and never reached my goals. I'm behind my time line of progress, but the goal isn't out of sight. I dislike being wrong, but I hate not making things right. I knew sleep was important, it's my own fault for not being honest with the importance of sleep. I'm realigning my stars for performance. I'll get there. Will you? What are you doing to set yourself up for success?


fiteffy said…
Sleep is so important...and as I get older, I'm starting to really see how impacts my day to day activities. I did start taking GABA (per my CrossFit gym's instructions) before bed...have you heard of it?
Sunny said…
I just read about GABA, how is it working for you?

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