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Paleoize and mobilitize your workplace

I didn't want to say mobilize your workplace. That's not the mobility I'm referring to with this post. I'm talking about ways to make the gopher holes I call a workplace more paleo and mobility WOD friendly.

I already ate. My tupperware is empty and the fork is dirty. Sorry. As I finished my breakfast and looked at the crap I bring to work, it made me think of how I've adapted to make my environment to suit my needs. Gone are the days where I blame my surroundings for limiting me. Say hello to the "let us compromise" days. It's a softer, gentler side of me that doesn't include throwing cubby walls out the window.

So here it is - Tupperware, To-Go Ware, and a la cross ball. I found out awhile ago that my sense of portion control was completely obliterated. RLY. When they say you don't need a scale, they were not talking to me. I heard the rule about eating a piece of meat the size of a deck of cards or the size of your palm. Well, I tried that. Apparently, I had hands the size of Andre the Giant and that a deck of cards was referring to greeting cards. Yeah, I needed a scale. To use it for my meal away from home, I have to prepare my meals ahead of time. Now I can't go out of control by relying on my eye as a scale while eating out. I also have a good idea of what my day's intake will be ahead of time. So if I know I'll be having a light breakfast and lunch, I can plan for a heavy dinner. Or if I get hungry, I can look at what I ate and adjust for the next day. I'm also not very good at remembering what I put in the Tupperware. I write on it with a sharpie and wash it off later. What do you mean wash it off later? I prepare days at a time. I used to prepare the day before, but I found that preparing at least 4 days on Sunday was a time saver. So I prep all my food, label it, store it, eat, then record. Thanks handy-dandy food storage device.

It's pretty hard to eat food without, no it's not. Really, your hands work great. At work, I get weird looks though. Me being the tree hugger I claim to be, I wasn't a fan of single use utensils. So now I have a cute bamboo set of To-Go Ware from Whole Paycheck. I also have a titanium spork from REI for the emergency situations. It's light weight and folds into obscurity. Perfect to store at my desk. Also, the case that holds the To-Go Ware is fabric. So when I don't have a napkin near, I save my sleeve by using the case. I'm a pretty messy eater, so this helps a lot.

Those are a few things that allow me to eat more Paleo in a rat race world. The la cross ball has less to do with eating and more to do with mobility. It isn't large like a balance ball. It can be placed in a drawer to keep prying hands from taking it. It can be thrown at neighboring cubbies if the occupant is being annoying. Watch out though, it's a dense ball and likely to do damage. While being used for mobility WODs, the ball ends up either on the floor so I can roll out my feet, on the chair to roll out my hamstrings, or on the desk to work the arms. I still haven't found a great way to roll out the back without laying on the floor. Suggestions are welcomed.

In a time where excuses are easy to come by, I don't want to give myself a chance to make one. I'm trying not to let convenience be an excuse for poor health habits. I've crossed off workplace from the list of excuses.
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