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more ungluing the cubicle and sleep

So I lied. Yesterday that is. About the la cross ball and my back. The chair is a go, at least for today. I've found a way to hit just before the entrance into the "pain cave." I push my against the armrest on my chair! Crazy, right?! No, it's just a way to generate a force that can push my back towards my chair back. What's sandwiched between my back and the chair's back? The ball. In all it's glory, pushing at knotted tissues, working to "unglue" those soft structures in my back. It is not as forceful as lying on the ground and using body weight. However, it is effective enough to help with my issues. To be honest, my back is so touchy right now that the cushiony give of the chair is pretty welcomed. It is letting me put pressure on the right spots without being so painful that I start recruiting muscles to make the painface. Not everything can be solved 100%, so why not take what will do at the time? Multitask - get work done and work on your mobility. That's less work you have to do another time.

Mobility is just one of my stops in my efforts towards improved performance today. I'm currently reading a lovely book called Lights Out by TS Wiley. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with insomnia. Not the take a Tylenol PM insomnia, but the here's a horse tranq insomnia that some people just don't think is real. It sucked. My performance in every aspect of life was dragging. I'm pretty sure it ticked people off too because they didn't understand why things were headed south. I thought I understood. I knew a few things, but not this much.

I haven't finished this book yet, but I have already learned a lot. Sleep deals with everything. It affects more than just mood. If you think being grumpy is the only side effect to not getting sleep, wash your mouth! I don't want to give away the contents of the book. I will say that it is a good read. It is written in a language most people can understand without having an advanced degree in biology. If you want to know the mechanisms behind sleep and sleep deprivation, read this book. The hardest part - not staying up all night to finish reading it :P
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