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making it work

At work. Sitting. SITTING! But I'm not just sitting. I have my trust la cross ball in hand. Well, it is not really in my hand. It is under my leg. That's right, I'm going through and "ungluing" painful parts of my hamstrings and glutes. The chair I'm sitting on does has some give, but it'll do in this situation. Yesterday, I hit the Crossfit Soco WOD in the morning and did my games prep workout in the evening. Great stuff.

Today I rest...sort of. Today I work on hitting the tightness in the legs and back. Why? I want to free my muscles of counterproductive tension. Tension that limits my functional ROM does not help me with technique, strength, or even general fitness. So manual therapy it is. Multitask if you have to sit. My goal is to work the tension away with a hard ball (baseball, softball, la cross ball, etc.) so that I can play better tomorrow.

Today, I'm also going to order some supplements in powder form. I hope to mix these in with foods or drinks. I'm tired of taking pills, I don't get into sunlight enough, and I'm still working on my diet. Once all these things are straightened out, I'll consider ditching the supps. I'll let you know if I have better success with the powder compared to the pills.
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