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Long time no blog, catch up #1

Drug use. Doping. Unfair advantages. Cheating. Yeah, this was all brought on by Contador's "positive" test. He makes some nice points, the lab makes some nice points, science makes great points. I get that. But what I do not get is how people use "that's impossible" as reasonable doubt of a person's athletic performance.

You may or may not have known I've won a few bench press competitions. Nothing spectacular and nothing record breaking. However, there were many guys who never knew women could lift that weight. The first round of questions asked by these guys - "what supplements do you take?" I took multivitamins, that was it, no fancy boutique blended performance supplements. Then came the steroid questions. Really?! I mean, REALLY?! People were dead set that I was taking something. I didn't break any records. Then I realized these guys were from a place that didn't believe women could use fitness protocols to become so strong. I get that. BUT, please keep your limited mindset from my own performance. I believe I can do. I. Can. Do...if I wanted to.

Is it all cheating though? Sabotage, malicious intent is cheating. Dorking around with someone's equipment, food poisoning, slashing tires. That is cheating. Making yourself better, is that really cheating? What is the advantage of performance enhancers if you have no drive in the first place? If you're a coach potato, performance enhancers will make you a better channel flipper. It won't give you purpose and drive to become a world class athlete. And what about other performance enhancers. If someone lives in an area where access to good food, good coaches, stress free living, and plenty of sleep are impossible, should we limit what other athletes have to even out the playing field? Those are all things that help performance and may not be equally available to all.

I get tied up in these things. On one side, I see how people are upset and assume guilt. Despite my thoughts on the rules, there are guilty people out there. On the other side, I think about personal experience and how some athletes strive for that out of world performance and get knocked once they achieve it. I guess people refuse to believe you are capable of anything if you put your mind to it. Next time you catch yourself saying that to a kid, take it back you filthy liar...or shift your thinking.
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