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harnessing the power of my inner type-a

With all this ramp up in training that started, I've had to calculate my nutrient intake. What it's supposed to be, what it is, and what I'd like it to be. I've been fighting between using Fitday and Fatsecret for my nutrition logs. One the one hand, Fitday offers great reports and breakdown. I don't like the interface and think it lacks in the user friendliness of it all. Fatsecret doesn't have the fancy reports, but it does have the basic readouts. It's more intuitive to use and I like the food database. I'm hoping they'll start making changes to it so it can be more competitive with the other site. Also, Fatsecret has a free Android Market app (Calorie Counter) that can use the camera as a barcode scanner. Cool stuff, it wins out so far.

After the first two weeks of recording my diet info, I've come to the conclusion that my eating habits swing like my moods. Perhaps even more than my moods :) It's easy for me to tell when I was low on something because the remarks for the next day are usually related to feelings of "crap, tired, and sluggish." My other observation, I'm not very hungry. You may have heard of this smart cat named Robb Wolf, we're not buddies or anything, but I listen to his stellar podcasts. A few times he's remarked on caloric intake, being too high and too low. Seeing as to how I'm never hungry, it makes sense that I might be too high on my intake. So, I've redone my calculations with a lower factor and will play it out next week. On a positive note, 've also been hankering less and less for cheat meals. Overall, I can't complain about the Paleo way of eating. I'm stronger and leaner. Hooray!
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