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Amazing Grace - Barbells for Boobs

Here's the Crossfit Soco crew that participated in the 2010 Barbells for Boobs hosted at Progressive Fitness Crossfit. The hosts were kind enough to open the fund raiser to everyone in the area. They were also cool enough to have oranges, apples, and water for us. You guys totally rock and we are so thankful for hosting the event!

It was also awesome to see so many Soco members offering their support for the event. No one has to give and no one has to care. Then again, no charity has to offer something for the money you give. There are plenty of causes that will take your money without offering anything more than a receipt in return. And most times that is enough. For this event, the organization offered a t-shirt and a workout. Thanks to the sponsors for helping defray the cost of running the event. Workouts, t-shirts, snackies make it pretty easy to participate. While I enjoyed all those things, I enjoyed people in the costumes that reminded me of the why we were all there - the boobs. Mammograms. They're not cheap. With differing organizations recommending that younger women not get them, having funding for them is all the more important. I gladly gave what I could to the cause in hopes that it will help someone down the road.

The workout was awesome. I tried to keep good form because one of my lifting coaches was there. Let me tell you, there's the Crossfit way and there is the USAW way. I think I did something between the two. Form isn't the first thing to come to mind at rep 20. I completed Grace in 4:21 using 95 lbs. Andrew did well also, finishing at the men's prescribed weight in under seven minutes. It was a great time, great people, great event. Glad to have participated! Tomorrow, back to regular training.
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