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more ungluing the cubicle and sleep

So I lied. Yesterday that is. About the la cross ball and my back. The chair is a go, at least for today. I've found a way to hit just before the entrance into the "pain cave." I push my against the armrest on my chair! Crazy, right?! No, it's just a way to generate a force that can push my back towards my chair back. What's sandwiched between my back and the chair's back? The ball. In all it's glory, pushing at knotted tissues, working to "unglue" those soft structures in my back. It is not as forceful as lying on the ground and using body weight. However, it is effective enough to help with my issues. To be honest, my back is so touchy right now that the cushiony give of the chair is pretty welcomed. It is letting me put pressure on the right spots without being so painful that I start recruiting muscles to make the painface. Not everything can be solved 100%, so why not take what will do at the time? Multitask - get work done and work on y…

Paleoize and mobilitize your workplace

I didn't want to say mobilize your workplace. That's not the mobility I'm referring to with this post. I'm talking about ways to make the gopher holes I call a workplace more paleo and mobility WOD friendly.

I already ate. My tupperware is empty and the fork is dirty. Sorry. As I finished my breakfast and looked at the crap I bring to work, it made me think of how I've adapted to make my environment to suit my needs. Gone are the days where I blame my surroundings for limiting me. Say hello to the "let us compromise" days. It's a softer, gentler side of me that doesn't include throwing cubby walls out the window.

So here it is - Tupperware, To-Go Ware, and a la cross ball. I found out awhile ago that my sense of portion control was completely obliterated. RLY. When they say you don't need a scale, they were not talking to me. I heard the rule about eating a piece of meat the size of a deck of cards or the size of your palm. Well, I tried that.…

Amazing Grace - Barbells for Boobs

Here's the Crossfit Soco crew that participated in the 2010 Barbells for Boobs hosted at Progressive Fitness Crossfit. The hosts were kind enough to open the fund raiser to everyone in the area. They were also cool enough to have oranges, apples, and water for us. You guys totally rock and we are so thankful for hosting the event!

It was also awesome to see so many Soco members offering their support for the event. No one has to give and no one has to care. Then again, no charity has to offer something for the money you give. There are plenty of causes that will take your money without offering anything more than a receipt in return. And most times that is enough. For this event, the organization offered a t-shirt and a workout. Thanks to the sponsors for helping defray the cost of running the event. Workouts, t-shirts, snackies make it pretty easy to participate. While I enjoyed all those things, I enjoyed people in the costumes that reminded me of the why we were all there - the…

product review - running gloves

I like Manzella Gloves, I have a few. I had a Manzella liner in previous years, but it proved to be not warm enough. It's great for times I run a distance that is long enough to see temperature change. The thinner gloves keep enough warmth in so I don't have to layer too much everywhere else. They are thin enough to tuck anywhere when it becomes hot and they are no longer necessary. I keep them in the car as a spare since they don't take up much space. I got a slightly heavier glove this year and haven't looked back. They're still thin, but the material is less porous in structure. I ran the Duke City 5k the past weekend and tried them out. They worked wonderfully. They're thin enough to not be overbearing, but warm enough to provide a purpose. The gloves are surprisingly good at blocking wind. My hands do not collect sweat on them like they do with thicker gloves. These gloves also have some reflective properties which help with low light running visibili…

making it work

At work. Sitting. SITTING! But I'm not just sitting. I have my trust la cross ball in hand. Well, it is not really in my hand. It is under my leg. That's right, I'm going through and "ungluing" painful parts of my hamstrings and glutes. The chair I'm sitting on does has some give, but it'll do in this situation. Yesterday, I hit the Crossfit Soco WOD in the morning and did my games prep workout in the evening. Great stuff.

Today I rest...sort of. Today I work on hitting the tightness in the legs and back. Why? I want to free my muscles of counterproductive tension. Tension that limits my functional ROM does not help me with technique, strength, or even general fitness. So manual therapy it is. Multitask if you have to sit. My goal is to work the tension away with a hard ball (baseball, softball, la cross ball, etc.) so that I can play better tomorrow.

Today, I'm also going to order some supplements in powder form. I hope to mix these in with foods or …

Recovery and Beyond (long post)

If you got a problem and you're not icing it, it's not a problem, you're lying to yourself. Roughly what KStar was saying. Short. Honest. True. Thanks, guy. When I was in my college practicum as an athletic trainer, we had tons of athletes complain of injuries. They also did not want anything more than TufSkin 'n tape on that bad boy.

I'm a lover of cryotherapy. After practice, I'd go soak in the cold whirpool for 15-20 minutes. I miss it :( I find myself not doing much in terms of prevention and rehabilitation. When you have the convenience of a training room, it is easy. It doesn't mean I'm out of options. I've decided to make my own training room. It's not really a room, but a collection of therapeutic modalities to aid in healing. Here's what I think makes a good at home training room.

1. Portable fanciness - If you've never used one and never had a health care professional educate you on its use, do not bother. What am I talking ab…

What the Holy Hell?

We went to Albuquerque this weekend to compete in the 5k event at the Duke City Marathon. I have a love/hate relationship with Albuquerque like some people have with running. It is one of the few places that allows me to enjoy and reflect on life at the same time. It's great. So, while enjoying the Paleolithic Solution book by Robb Wolf, I was thinking of recent training goals. I realized that everyone once in awhile, I sabotage myself. What?! Yeah. RLY! SRSLY! As much shit as I talk about pushing myself and doing things to get better and reach goals, every once in awhile peeps a setup for failure.

In his book, Wolf mentioned the importance of sleep. He mentions it plenty of times in his podcasts, but it really hit home when reading it. I was in a mood to enjoy life and reflect, it's Albuquerque. If you've ever taken drugs for insomnia, you know that sleep isn't real sleep. It's like routinely going into a coma that you wake up from hours later with no memories and…

what's up sugar?

What's my blood sugar level? I don't know. I have no specific numbers. What I have is a family history of diabetes. I live in a culture where self-induced diabetes is rampant. People are told what to avoid in their diet. There are also plenty of nutritionist to work with that will help you with more complex concerns. For myself, I hired a nutritionist because I knew my chances of getting diabetes were pretty high based of genetics, but I still wanted to eat for peak performance. Breads, pastas, that jazz right? Wrong. Burning the sugar fire is not the only way to performance nor are wheat based products the only source of carbs. This isn't new in science journals, but it seems to be new to most mainstream media and the FDA.

If you think you're insulin is great, ok, moderate, or fine, take an honest look. I've heard my overweight friends and family talk about how good they feel and how they can get around and how they don't need to pay attention to their sugar…

harnessing the power of my inner type-a

With all this ramp up in training that started, I've had to calculate my nutrient intake. What it's supposed to be, what it is, and what I'd like it to be. I've been fighting between using Fitday and Fatsecret for my nutrition logs. One the one hand, Fitday offers great reports and breakdown. I don't like the interface and think it lacks in the user friendliness of it all. Fatsecret doesn't have the fancy reports, but it does have the basic readouts. It's more intuitive to use and I like the food database. I'm hoping they'll start making changes to it so it can be more competitive with the other site. Also, Fatsecret has a free Android Market app (Calorie Counter) that can use the camera as a barcode scanner. Cool stuff, it wins out so far.

After the first two weeks of recording my diet info, I've come to the conclusion that my eating habits swing like my moods. Perhaps even more than my moods :) It's easy for me to tell when I was low on so…


I'm working my way to saying good bye to the banana. You're a great one for texture banana. You're also not the worst thing to eat. Unfortunately, you're not the best thing to it. Somehow, you've become overrated in your ability to provide nutrients such as potassium. There are far greater providers of nutrients than you :( You have quite a few carbs. In the realm of ketogenic diets, you're actually a punk. Awww, but it's ok banana. It's only for the duration of my training. You're not really aiding my training like you thought, so you have to go. And unless I find myself in dire need of you afterward, you may not come back, except on holidays.

What good have you provided me banana? Well, you added awesome texture to my shakes. You thickened them without being powdery. You masked the taste of egg protein rather well. Seeing as I'm phasing out shakes and turning to real/whole foods, you're number is up. Sorry, banana, your ish has got to go.

Rushing. A tool not to be frequently used.

Today was about rushing. Up just wee earlier than usual, but it was a rush out of bed to get to the gym to do some work on strength and skills. We didn't want to bother the on-going class, so we stopped one exercise short of our set. Saved for later, don't worry, it was like Crossfit leftovers. We rushed to clean up and rushed to work. Good thing about work? Cubicle walls that allow me to do some of the Mobility WOD. Stretched out and ready to my dress fitting. Back to work I went after my "lunch break." Then rushed over to the other side of town for dance lessons. Rushed back to Crossfit to finish the leftovers and today's WOD. Rushed home to eat. Rushing is done.

A sense of urgency is necessary. I get that. Rushing however is a depreciation of that. It is senseless. Moving quickly, while keeping your wits does not equate to rushing. My idea of rushing is make it from Point A to Point B and saying "fuck it" to everything between. Rushing leads …

Yes and Press! Easy as "set it and forget it." Srsly.

There's nothing that breaks a serious moment that humorous self deprecation (or directed at others too), don't get it confused with defecation. Totally different. Here's how I see it expressed "oh crap, I did that wrong, I'm pretty clumsy." At some point, it becomes an interference. When you're short on time, temper, nerve, and energy, the wordiness should end. If you know you did something wrong, or see that someone else did something wrong, there is no need to waste time by spending five minutes acknowledging an established and observed fact. It is annoying. Instead, try this:

1. Express an understanding that something was wrong.
2. Either vocalize the correction or listen to someone giving the correction.
3. Press on.

So, in theory, it would go like this:

"I did that lift wrong. I need to not jump so wide." Follow that with an actual attempt to make the correction. I think this is much better than:

"Ah, crap. I suck, I did that completel…

No Jared, there is no "i" in team, but I won't be the "U' either :P

I'm pooped! A lot going on. This week, we started to ramp up training for next year's Crossfit Games. I'm still torn between competing individually or on a team. I miss team competitions. There's something about trusting another person to give their all and more. Then again...there's something about trusting another person to give their all and more. I've competed on plenty of teams. My favorite was track and field. You had your individual events, your relay events, and in the end - your team scoring. It was everything I wanted mixed with none of the things I wanted. If we all chipped in - the team won. If you chipped in your individual events and everyone else sucked - you still won your event. And if you only liked some members of your team, you either had the relays or you went to watch a few select events.

As much as I'd like to point the finger at another (I really do enjoy that), I have to stop and check myself (before I wreck myself, sing along). I c…

Blog catchup post #3, I feel bad

I feel bad for not feeling bad. I passed my fitness test. I feel bad because I don't feel bad for not getting 100%. There's a scale to the exercises. I maxed out all except the run. I could have run fast enough to get maximum points, but I did not...and I don't feel bad for not giving it my all. That is why I feel bad.

Some history - last year, I had maximum points on the run with a 12:08 mile and half time. It was sad. That is not a fast run. I felt that a system where I could do so well with trying so little must not be a good marker of a perfect score. I didn't give it my all this time around either...but I didn't get a perfect score. It feels right though. It's my punishment for not putting forth my best effort. I don't feel bad about that.

I DO feel bad about not knowing why I didn't try harder. It was like my goal for my triathlon - survive and live to run tomorrow (literally, I ran the next day). Thoughts on this? Maybe I'm beginning to prior…

Blog catchup post #2, who was at your gym?

Really, who was at your gym? You know who was at ours - Coach Mike Burgener. Natalie Burgener coaches the Olympic lifters at Crossfit Soco, so she was gracious enough to bring her father-in-law to one of her sessions while he was in town. Thanks Natalie!!! One of the reassuring factors of the visit - Coach B teaches his pupils very well. It just went to prove that Natalie and Erin are kick ass coaches and know what they're talking about. I never doubted, but they're all on sync with the concepts they teach. There's no break in "personal style" as you see in some places.

We practiced the snatch for his visit and he came around to give us all pointers. He also explained the purpose of some of the drills. It helps to know why you do the things asked of you. The new folks who were just getting exposed to lifting gained a lot. How often can you say you started out with Coach Burgener? Plus the guy has so much great, positive energy.

Unfortunately, I was so destroyed fr…

Long time no blog, catch up #1

Drug use. Doping. Unfair advantages. Cheating. Yeah, this was all brought on by Contador's "positive" test. He makes some nice points, the lab makes some nice points, science makes great points. I get that. But what I do not get is how people use "that's impossible" as reasonable doubt of a person's athletic performance.

You may or may not have known I've won a few bench press competitions. Nothing spectacular and nothing record breaking. However, there were many guys who never knew women could lift that weight. The first round of questions asked by these guys - "what supplements do you take?" I took multivitamins, that was it, no fancy boutique blended performance supplements. Then came the steroid questions. Really?! I mean, REALLY?! People were dead set that I was taking something. I didn't break any records. Then I realized these guys were from a place that didn't believe women could use fitness protocols to become so strong. I…