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Why do I do this to myself?

I don't usually ask this question of myself, but I do hear it asked of me. Many people want to know why I go into Crossfit day in and day out to tear my body down and build it back up. It seems like a never ending process. I hear people challenge the need for self restraint with my diet. Some people believe that their mere existence is proof they are entitled to enjoy and consume whatever they want without regard to anything. And that's fine...for them. It is not fine in any way for me. Take a look at the picture to the side, that is why I do this - the modern era.

 What I learned is I come from a long line of winners. Not necessarily people that win at organized sports, more like people who win at surviving. They win at life. No, we're not chased by large mountain cats and food is very available to us. I get that. Really. This is a picture of my desk at work. I sit all day. I have a nice window that allows natural light in, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm chained to a machine. For those that lose at life, sinking into a lifestyle chained to one thing or another becomes habit. The survivors/winners are different. This type of job wakens a need to be the survivor they were meant to be. It highlights a need to still be strong, to be prepared for anything, and to be prepared to be successful at anything.

To my fellow athletes who get tired of the questioning, I feel you. I understand you've got more to your life than being chained to a monitor and screen. I get it that your work ethic is so tight, you feel like you have to earn the right to eat something. And in the end, we enjoy our lives every bit as much as the people that say they can't do what we do because they think they have to enjoy life. Who the fuck said that enjoying life meant being lazy and glutenous? I enjoy every drop of my life and will work my way to squeeze the most I can from it. To those that doubt, the finish line is probably not for you.

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