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Multitasking SOB and the "p" word

I'm pretty sure that's what I am. At least at this moment, which includes watching tv, uploading pics to MixBook to make a wedding guest book, checking out items on, and figuring out what to eat tomorrow...and also blogging.

What I really wanted to talk about today was complainers. Not just any type of complainers. There's some use  to gripping and releasing thoughts on particular activities. I get that, I partake in that quite often. But then there's the line that can be crossed. The person that does this is referred to as a vulgar name placed on female genitalia. It just happens to be one of those words I don't like using due to it's negative connotation, but at the same time produces such bitter, vocal tones that it can be appropriate. I digress, back to those people. I tire of them. They irritate me. If you see me go from a happy mood to a silent mood, chances are I'm fending off the yelling at this person.

Why do you complain? Is it because …

Tabata Sprints by 00badness at Garmin Connect - Details

It's all I could manage to give at 0-dark-thirty in the morning. Seriously, I hit the alarm. Rolled out of bed. Found the day's previous workout clothes...really, just what's still on the floor because I was too tired to put it up, got dressed. ROLLED down the stairs, out the door. Started my garmin before I was running. And what went through my mind?

-GOOOOOOO!!! WAKE UP!!!! or more like this...

It's a horrible way to wake up (the alarm and running). But when you know yourself and that you'll make excuses at any other time in the day, you must force a situation where you can't make excuses. It's too hot at lunch. I'm too tired after Crossfit. Well crap, if I slept at least 7 hrs, then an a.m. run it is. I've run enough to know early morning runs do not produce my best times. Until I can fight off other excuses, I push every miserable inch I can give in the dark of the morning and make the most out of the training I get.

I got new teef!

My permanent veneers are on, the first thing I wanted to do - EAT!! Vegetables of a varying colors (tomatoes, kale, zucchini) and buffalo!
I'll post pics of the new teeth in my grill when I look less drugged and tired. For now, you get to deal with more food pictures.

This week was a great workout week for the days I went. There were 4min rounders, weighted pull ups plus an AMRAP, and a heavy lift day. I got new max's on lifts I never tried to max out before, like thrusters. I did a few CFE running WODs too. The PWO (post workout) snackies are helping a ton. So far, it's been an egg protein shake (Optimum Nutrition), a banana (trying to cut it down), coconut milk (So Delicious), and either frozen berries, 100% cocoa powder, and/or shredded/unsweetened coconut. My recovery is better and I feel really energized for the next day. Don't do one? Maybe you don't need to. Thinking about it? Why not try it?!

Sadly, after so much activity, numbing agents, and pushing on my …

5 gallons of freakin' mead sit in front me...

Yesterday was our Crossfit assessment day. I hired a Paleo friendly RD recommended by Robb Wolf to help with my meal planning, she's Amy Kubal. I wasn't meeting my goals and doing it the way I had wasn't working (thus explaining the failed goals). I looked at this meal plan and scoffed somewhat. How the heck do I power performance off this crap? I ate my words yesterday.

If you asked me yesterday, I'd predict feeling like the dog in the picture on Sunday. Dead. Not true. I'm the cat. I killed it yo'!Not really, but I did good and I recoved like a champ. Within the short breaks, my system was up and running. Today, I have soreness in my belly from first ever real GHD's and that's it. It isn't that I took it easy, but I think this Amy chick knows what she's doing. In the few weeks I've been on this meal plan, I'm getting better. I've always work to be better, but now I have the fuel to keep me on that path. THANKS AMY!

What was my bigg…

I need to pee, but first, this blog

Here's what one of the drawers in my refrigerator looks like. Yip, vegetables. A shit ton of them. Not just a metric ton, but a s* ton of vegetables. I was more preoccupied with slicing and dicing last week than I wanted to be. Here's my attempt to combat that - slice and dice a few days worth at one time. I'll let you know how it works.

You might be wondering why I don't just get a food processor. I have one. A cheap mini Black & Decker one that doesn't do much chopping or dicing. It mushes very well and spits things out all over the kitchen too. We got what we paid for, sometimes it is better to wait for the savings to kick in rather then get something cheap in price and quality. For now, it's hand cutting everything until the funds allow for an uber delux model food processor...and also good tupper ware. It's amazing how quickly you go through that stuff when you prep so much food in advance.

Not to be outdone by the refrigerator drawer - my din-din…

Why do I do this to myself?

I don't usually ask this question of myself, but I do hear it asked of me. Many people want to know why I go into Crossfit day in and day out to tear my body down and build it back up. It seems like a never ending process. I hear people challenge the need for self restraint with my diet. Some people believe that their mere existence is proof they are entitled to enjoy and consume whatever they want without regard to anything. And that's fine...for them. It is not fine in any way for me. Take a look at the picture to the side, that is why I do this - the modern era.

 What I learned is I come from a long line of winners. Not necessarily people that win at organized sports, more like people who win at surviving. They win at life. No, we're not chased by large mountain cats and food is very available to us. I get that. Really. This is a picture of my desk at work. I sit all day. I have a nice window that allows natural light in, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm …

Leftovers for Fran

Today was a leftovers day. For breakfast - egg muffins from the weekend and a dose of whatever berries and nuts I had leftover. I can't complain about extra berries though, delicious. For dinner, leftover seafood curry. Really, it wasn't a seafood extravaganza, just scallops. I'm digging the curry though since it's easy to make - coconut milk and spices. If you don't want seafood, substitute with whatever or gorge on a variety of vegetables.

Workout leftovers though? Yup, workout leftovers. I was feeling Monday's workout in the legs and shoulders. The a.m. run was sluggish, but it's the morning so I didn't notice. The Fran workout in the evening was all that I could give. It wasn't enough to PR, but Fran gets whatever love I can give her. Today, I didn't have much leftover from yesterday, so she got just a wee bit.

Resting with the Dead

Friday and Saturday. Nothing. No working out at all. A lot of walking on Friday though. We traveled up to Denver to visit the King Tut Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. It was wonderful! I just wished there were more dead things or things that used to contain dead things, like the guts jar (conopic jar). We walked for a couple hours in the museum. Then we walked around the Taste of Denver event for a wee longer and ended up walking back to the hotel. After a nice midday nap, what did we do? Walk some more! Up and down the 16th St Mall, to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, and back to the hotel. It was great. A recreational day with some mild, slow activity with the one I love. Mark Sisson talks about enjoying life and doing some long, slow activity every so often. I agree, somethings are just too great to rush through.

Crossfit Total

This wasn't a total bust. I did forget my brand new weightlifting shoes for this workout though. That was definitely a bust. Not sure how I did that, but I did. I still managed to get a PR in my back squat.

Back squat - 100kg
Shoulder press - 50kg
Deadlift - 125kg

You can Google the conversions. I'm just happy to be getting better at back squats.