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Ultra Minamilist Shoe - Saucony takes the cake

I got a pair of Saucony Grid Type A4 running shoes a few months ago. After using them for triathlon training and Crossfit for a couple of months, I've come to the conclusion that they rock. They weigh in at 5.5oz and come in a funky white, blue, and red color scheme for the ladies. I mentioned before that they had just enough cushioning, which didn't give enough praise. It is very clever cushioning. It is just enough, but also durable. I've run on road, trail, and gym matting. I've climbed up ropes, dragged them across brick walls, and used them on lifting platforms. I do wear socks with these shoes, for odor control. The shoes are airy enough to keep my feet dry on their own.

For the enduro - These shoes are durable, comfortable, and lightweight. They aren't the cheapest shoe, but cheaper than some of the triathlon specific shoes out there. If you have been in cushioned and stabilized shoes recently, you will have to take the time to adjust to these shoes.

For the multihobbyist/Crossfitter - Prepare to fall in love. If you find it hard to chose between doing a metcon in lifting shoes or regular shoes, try these. They aren't specific enough to have an advantage in lifting, but they do a great job of translating well enough to different activities. They won't suck the energy from a lift like "well cushioned" shoes and they won't have the weight of lifting shoes during a run. They are flexible with good tread and allow your feet to use some of the musculature atrophied by cushioned shoes.

I'm assuming the men's version is quite lovely as well. There's some orange in the color scheme. I bought a pair for my fiance and so far he loves them. He also owns a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. He walks around in those, but doesn't feel comfortable using them for intense activity. If you're that type of person, you may also want to consider some minimalist shoe design.
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