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The Power of Krissy Compels You!

...well, it compels me. I have a friend (really, I do) and she rocks beyond belief. I consider her to be an athlete that is familiar with her abilities. She did an Ironman, you don't do that powered off self-doubt and a noncommittal attitude. So when she said she wasn't comfortable with her training for a triathlon, I believe she knew herself enough to make that a valid assessment. She's doing a half Ironman tri today. Woa, right?!

I'm doing an Xterra sprint tri next weekend. My training has been nonexistent. What am I complaining about? It's not like I'm doing a half Ironman :P Now, I'll give it to Krissy, she's good. Based on her workouts, she seems to be a good swimmer and very skilled on her bike. I got running. Not only is that just one event of three, it's the last one. By the time I get to the run, my legs are done and my energy is drained. I don't run fast, I just manage to not slow down or struggle at slower speeds as other people. I'm a triathlon newbie, I don't have the experience to feel confident in raw ability to gut out even the shortest tris...until now. If it had been me, I couldn't even fathom signing up for a tri that long, let alone waking up to do it. Guts, that's what it's about.

I've made a good trade for the training I've missed. I have had more sleep, plenty of recovery from my Crossfit workouts, which has both reduced the stress load put on my body and emotions. It was worth it because now I'm motivated to live with the consequences of my decisions - I got to gut it out. What happens, happens, but I will show up on race day with guts on a platter and hand it over to the endurance gods. Thanks for the motivation Krissy. May the power of Woody Harrelson's Zombieland character motivate you - it's time to nut up or shut up ;)
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