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Colorado Springs Area Crossfit Competition

Ha! I won! BARELY!!

I spent some time trying to tell myself it was about having fun and getting a good workout. Deep down, I knew it was about winning. There is something wrong with me. I can't just participate. I'm that person who is "in it to win it." I've done intramural sports. I understand how to enjoy recreational activities without being the over-competitive monstrosity. That wasn't me last weekend. And as I was going over the last workout of 60 box jump up n' over burpees, I knew I hadn't beat the other girl. She was awesome. She kicked my butt in EVERYTHING. If I couldn't beat her, than I'd beat myself. I made my legs keep pace. I only took two breaks to sip water. And when I was done, I was done. It turns out that attitude had given me a really fast time for that workout. I thought the other girl had smashed my time, but the offset of the previous workout and dehydration caused some confusion in my head. I finished second in that workout. It was enough to put me on top by 1 POINT. So what's the moral of the story - it's you against you, and when you can win against yourself, you may just beat out your competition.

Colorado Springs CrossFit Competition Slide-Video from Tim Banfield on Vimeo.

The Colorado Springs Crossfit Competition SoCo Style from Tim Banfield on Vimeo.

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