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Road bikes = water bottle, mtn bike = camelbak

I finished the Xterra Lory triathlon today. Utter dehydration. First, let me say that I took some friends into this thing with me. I felt slightly responsible, so I tried to stay with one of them for awhile. But the mountain was calling me and my friend reassured me she'd be ok. Is it bad that I tore through the rest of the course without her? Looking back, I wonder if I could have been more helpful during her first tri. I was there to have fun, not expecting to do well or anything...but I did have fun.

The swim was slow. I could tell I was out of practice. I think I swam the mile in June faster than I swam this 880m course. The run to the transition area was carpeted. Do not be deceived, it needed the carpeting to protect little feets from prickly things and rocks. For the bike, tt wasn't what I'd call a beginner friendly course. Maybe to the mountain biking purist, but not to people mostly involved in road triathlons. Welcome to Xterra! Lots of decent climbs with switchb…

Skills and Drills. Yo.

Today was our skills and drills session at the gym. Natalie came in to school us all on the snatch and some overhead positioning. I can tell my technique is getting better. I haven't been able to push the weight as much as I want to, but I can tell that the weight I am lifting is not hurting like it used to. It's pretty cool to see. I ordered some Adidas Iron Works III and can't wait for my new shoes to come in. I hope they'll help. Who needs boots with the fur when you got shoes with the mesh?

Here's me in the middle of some KB swings at the local CF competition.

Top 3, I was in disbelief I won.

Dead. Tired.

We've been doing some longer workouts at Crossfit and it has taken a toll on my body. Today will be a rest day of some sort for me, I just haven't decided which "sort" that is. I've got a triathlon on Saturday and if I feel a fraction of how I feel now, I will fail to even start.

If you're a Crossfitter. It's important to remember that a majority of your workouts should be done in a specific intensity and time domain. It is wise to stray out of those boundaries once in awhile, but you can do damage if it is done too often. If it feels wrong (and you know what I mean), then you probably should take a breather or modify the workout.

I was reading about cheating the workout on my friend's Fit Effy blog. There's something to be said about knowing your limits so you can make appropriate modifications. Sometimes, you may be overstressed or you may need the rest because you actually have a sport to train for (CF is not for the specialist, no periodizati…

Pistol toting fool

There's nothing like walking into a Crossfit workout with a face full of makeup. I didn't have time to swipe n' wipe after my wedding makeup run through. So off to sweatsville I went. I should have known that things wouldn't bode well after I broke out in a sweat on my second round of pistols. It's ok though, I just acted like the runny makeup was dirt "cuz I'm tough like that, grrr."

I'm getting antsy about my triathlon coming up. It is not because of my lack of training this time around, not completely. I'm getting antsy because I am considering this measure of my raw guts and athleticism. Will I mentally break? Will I physically fail? Will one carry me through more than the other? Will I have more fun if I wear fairy wings and a tiara? Should I go through the slip n' slide finish in style? All questions that I'm actually excited to see answered. More meandering on a possible costume is in order.

Ultra Minamilist Shoe - Saucony takes the cake

I got a pair of Saucony Grid Type A4 running shoes a few months ago. After using them for triathlon training and Crossfit for a couple of months, I've come to the conclusion that they rock. They weigh in at 5.5oz and come in a funky white, blue, and red color scheme for the ladies. I mentioned before that they had just enough cushioning, which didn't give enough praise. It is very clever cushioning. It is just enough, but also durable. I've run on road, trail, and gym matting. I've climbed up ropes, dragged them across brick walls, and used them on lifting platforms. I do wear socks with these shoes, for odor control. The shoes are airy enough to keep my feet dry on their own.

For the enduro - These shoes are durable, comfortable, and lightweight. They aren't the cheapest shoe, but cheaper than some of the triathlon specific shoes out there. If you have been in cushioned and stabilized shoes recently, you will have to take the time to adjust to these shoes.

For th…

The Power of Krissy Compels You!

...well, it compels me. I have a friend (really, I do) and she rocks beyond belief. I consider her to be an athlete that is familiar with her abilities. She did an Ironman, you don't do that powered off self-doubt and a noncommittal attitude. So when she said she wasn't comfortable with her training for a triathlon, I believe she knew herself enough to make that a valid assessment. She's doing a half Ironman tri today. Woa, right?!

I'm doing an Xterra sprint tri next weekend. My training has been nonexistent. What am I complaining about? It's not like I'm doing a half Ironman :P Now, I'll give it to Krissy, she's good. Based on her workouts, she seems to be a good swimmer and very skilled on her bike. I got running. Not only is that just one event of three, it's the last one. By the time I get to the run, my legs are done and my energy is drained. I don't run fast, I just manage to not slow down or struggle at slower speeds as other people. I&#…

Product Review - Nike Swift U-Back Sports Bra

Awesome. But restrictive. You can't have it all though right? I'm not a big girl. I'm not a small girl. What I am is just a girl who works out and would like what boobage I do have to not bounce. Those cute, thin strap bras won't cut it during Crossfit or triathlon training. Most of the bras I work out in are fairly compressive. This bra is no different.

Where this bra comes out on top is that the straps are very comfortable and also adjustable. They are padded and soft with some stretch. The back closure is also adjustable, but strong. The hook and eye closures resemble that of a regular bra..."on steroids." While I won't look as cute as I do in the low cut bras I have for the "low impact" days, I do have more control for the high impact days.

The band around the ribcage is tight. It isn't the type of bra you leave on to relax and lounge around. But that's not why you would buy this bra in the first place. Buy this bra if you care abo…

Colorado Springs Area Crossfit Competition

Ha! I won! BARELY!!

I spent some time trying to tell myself it was about having fun and getting a good workout. Deep down, I knew it was about winning. There is something wrong with me. I can't just participate. I'm that person who is "in it to win it." I've done intramural sports. I understand how to enjoy recreational activities without being the over-competitive monstrosity. That wasn't me last weekend. And as I was going over the last workout of 60 box jump up n' over burpees, I knew I hadn't beat the other girl. She was awesome. She kicked my butt in EVERYTHING. If I couldn't beat her, than I'd beat myself. I made my legs keep pace. I only took two breaks to sip water. And when I was done, I was done. It turns out that attitude had given me a really fast time for that workout. I thought the other girl had smashed my time, but the offset of the previous workout and dehydration caused some confusion in my head. I finished second in that wor…

I'm an ass

The other day's Facebook status - "Sunny doesn't base what she does right on what someone else does wrong. Consider me an independent variable."

I was proud of that. It relates to everything in my life. How does it relate to training? I base my performance on what I feel I can do, my own expectations. I don't/shouldn't base it on someone else's performance. Case in point:

Person 1 - "What did you run that 5k in?"
Person 2 - "24. You?"
Person 1 - "Wow, that's great. I ran it in 27. My time sucks."

Well Person 1, if you live your life dependent on someone else's performance, I guess you do suck. If you consider your performance along your own standards, maybe you did ok. Maybe you were running with a sprained ankle, no sleep, and hungry. 27 is great.

Case 2.

Person 1 - "I need a rabbit to pace me for my fitness test. I'm not good pacing myself and I find it motivating when I have to chase someone."

What if the pac…

Getting ish together

I'm trying to prioritize a few things. I've got an Xterra sprint tri coming up at the end of August. Am I prepared - no. Do I care - not really. I want to have fun with this one, it's outdoorsy. Plus, it's not that much distance so I'm fine with just "winging" it. Now and after that, I'll be doing more Filipino Martial Arts training. In October, Andrew and I are headed off for the Duke City Marathon - 5k Event. I'm also thinking of doing a figure competition some time in either October or November. Oh, and next weekend or so my gym is sponsoring a Colorado Springs Crossfit games series. I also can't forget the 24hrs of Colorado Sprigns bike event I'd like to do...and this is why my crap always ends up a mess.

But really, I am looking forward to the Xterra tri even though I'm not in shape. I enjoyed the last one, so I'm sure this will be even more exciting with the mountain biking.