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Still. Alive.

Last week was Crossfit hell. We completed the CF Games workouts, well, some of them. The sad part is, I was so tired, but I could only imagine how the competitors felt after doing what I did in a week in just a few days. Crazy CF'ers. On a good note, I completed everything without scaling. I just need to work on my times and ability to lift heavy things pretty darn quickly. I'm getting there.

I'm still training for the Xterra Lory Triathlon too. I'm not training as much as I'd like to, but as much as my body can give. I put rest and recovery on the priority list, so we'll see what some high intensity, technical practices can do coupled with a well rested body. Hopefully it can find that happy spot and I won't suffer from missing out on the "do more work" aspect of endurance training. Seeing as the Xterra tri is a sprint and the base I had built was for an Olympic distance, I think I'll be ok. Besides, it's for fun right?

I did what?

The Monday after my triathlon, I went to Crossfit. Not cool. But I've taken time off since then and I'm back into things. Still swimming! Fabulous. I'm still having fun doing it too! We had a killer workout in the land of Crossfit Soco today. Lots of lifting and running. Tomorrow, maybe more running or biking or swimming? I need to get on the mountain bike more. I was thinking of just riding it around the roads here if I can't find the time to make it to the trails. I need to get off my be-hind and register for Xterra Lory soon.