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Make me make vit D

Vitamin D, it's good for you. It is so good that your body even manufactures its own...given the proper conditions. It's made for you, by you. Can it get any better? There have been a few articles out on Mark's Daily Apple, Robb Wolff, and a few others (check sidebar) discussing vitamin D.

What did I gleam from these - I'm a f'in vampire. Apparently, it takes a person with light skin anywhere from 10-30 minutes to manufacture the necessary amount of good ol' D. The darker skin tones require around 1.5-2 hrs. I'm assuming the actual darkness/lightness of skin, amount of skin exposed, and use of sunblock/sunscreen also play a factor. So yeah. I workout in the morning, I swim in a pool at lunch, I do Crossfit inside (although sometimes outside, but not routinely). I spend an eight hour work day inside a building with beautiful windows to remind me that I am inside and not enjoying the outdoors. I am not getting enough natural light :( After reading the EWG's report on sunscreens, I'm not sold on the gunk's utility.

So now, I need to dislodge myself from my routine...after my triathlon. I'm too close to want to change much right now :(
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