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Lake Watered in the Eyes

Well. I finished. 3 hours and 45 minutes.  Swim - 41ish, Bike - 1:55ish, Run - 58ish, t1 -5+ min, t2 - 3+ mins.

How was it really though? The swim time included the 400 meters to the transition area, so I'm thinking my actual swimming time was in the high 30's. I actually felt like I could swim faster. The thought of bonking out in my first triathlon kept me at bay though. Then lake water got in my goggles. I didn't stop to fix my goggles, it was too close to the finish. Some girl was apparently a worse swimmer than I because she tried to hitch a ride by grasping my ankle. My donkey kick stroke managed to get her to release. My sighting wasn't too shabby either. Overall - happy with the swim. I got of the water and sauntered the 400m back to the transition area. That's right. Sauntered.

Transition 1 I like to think of as eat, drink, and be merry. I was unbelievably uncompetitive in the transition area as I took my time to eat a bar, dry between the toes, and purposefully put on my compression socks. I talked to my fiance hanging out on the other side of the fence and posed for a few pictures. I wouldn't be stereotypically asian/pacific without posing for a picture.

The bike was horrible. As I get out on my bike, I'm wondering why I'm hearing a strange noise. Look down, not the tires. Meh. Ok. I'm trying to hydrate but my braces exposed a part of my tooth in a way that made it extra sensitive so I didn't drink much. That freaking sound. Look down around mile 16. Huh. There's black powdery, substance flecked on my fork. Hmm. Manhandle the brakes. Holy hell!!! Sound stops. Speed ups by a gagillion! WTF? How did I not check that earlier? Probably the most disappointing bike ride ever. My most painful climbs remain on a mountain bike, I shouldn't have had problems with this one. But I did. Boo.

Transition 2. I need a seat. I took a nice stretch out. Again, totally didn't get moving with any sense of time on this one. That and all the bikes were set in a way to make it impossible to get mine back on. Solution - move the bike over my shit and put mine back where it belonged. I walked to the beginning of the run. No sauntering. No jogging. Just walking.

The officials said the run would be well shaded. LIARS! As I began to run, my legs felt good. I was thinking - time to make some money. Then I realized there was no shade and I was not able to consume as much water on the bike as I should. Better yet, my sensitive grill could barely handle the aid station water without me seizing up. So I had to let up on the pedals - better to finish than to crap out right before the line. Another boo. It was too hot and dry to risk more though. I had a strong finish to an uneventful run. It was a good, manageable pace. Over all - I was "ok" with it.

I'm not the happiest with my times. I'm very glad I finished and I got it under 4 hours. However, I'm kicking myself in the ass for my mistakes and accepting the fact that poor hydration also played such a large roll in my time. I'm not sure what's worse - taking it easy to get by or committing your all and being able to say that nothing was left on the table. The distance wasn't as bad as I thought, but I can tell I'd like the sprints just as much. Will I do another one? For sure. I still had a good time and enjoyed the event. As much as I didn't like my time, I can't be too pissy. I did enjoy being able to go at a slower pace than if I had done the events individually. Plus the scenery was nice.

Lessons learned:

1. Find something motivating to get moving through the transition areas...or don't, just go faster during the actual events then.
2. Be kind to the road bike, even if the road isn't my favorite, I did buy the bike and need to take care of it
3. Compression socks = awesome. I'm not sore in my lower legs. Not. At. All. I contribute that to the socks. 
4. Honey Stinger bars and gummies are great tri time nom-noms.
5. Hydrate better
6. The small, aero designed goggles that are awesome in chlorinated pool are not so awesome in open water. I need to use the larger set I have because fish feces have just touched my eyeballs. Gross.
7. In the event of lake water koodies - allergy relief eye drops with an antihistamine, Visine Multi-water eye drops with lube for the eyes and an astringent, and ibuprofen.
8. There's always someone willing to rain on your parade. It's ok. Piss in their garden.
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