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I blame my TnT coach

Yip. Looking at doing maybe two more triathlons this year and Lavaman next year. Not sure about Lavaman just yet though. Both triathlons I'm looking at are sprint distance. I'm sticking to my guns with keeping the Oly distance as my "long" distance. I'll probably keep those to about one or two a year. I definitely want to work speed and hopefully I can get that with the sprints. It's official, add tri's to the hobby list.


I have named all my vehicles. Gracie - white, 1993 VFR 750. Bobby - white, 2003 Subaru Impreza TS. Rocky - white, 2005ish Rocky Mountain Element. Ok, my new moto is yet to be named because I haven't had enough time to ride her since I came back from deployment last fall. But my other bike should have a name if I really want to connect with. So she has a name. Meet Frenchy (pic to come later). Frenchy is a white (surprised?), 2010 Specialized Allez. If you haven't guessed it, the names aren't that far fetched. I mean really, a Rocky Mountain bike called Rocky. What else could I call an Allez, but Frenchy. Hopefully, this will help. I'm trying. Sweet dreams Frenchy and thanks for not making my bum hurt on the race, I appreciate that.

Lake Watered in the Eyes

Well. I finished. 3 hours and 45 minutes.  Swim - 41ish, Bike - 1:55ish, Run - 58ish, t1 -5+ min, t2 - 3+ mins.

How was it really though? The swim time included the 400 meters to the transition area, so I'm thinking my actual swimming time was in the high 30's. I actually felt like I could swim faster. The thought of bonking out in my first triathlon kept me at bay though. Then lake water got in my goggles. I didn't stop to fix my goggles, it was too close to the finish. Some girl was apparently a worse swimmer than I because she tried to hitch a ride by grasping my ankle. My donkey kick stroke managed to get her to release. My sighting wasn't too shabby either. Overall - happy with the swim. I got of the water and sauntered the 400m back to the transition area. That's right. Sauntered.

Transition 1 I like to think of as eat, drink, and be merry. I was unbelievably uncompetitive in the transition area as I took my time to eat a bar, dry between the toes, and purpos…


On the way to Denver to stay the night there. No official results yet, but I finished in under 4hrs. I'm good except my eyes got beat up by the wind and are uber sensitive right now. Details to come.

be gone bad juju!

It is Wednesday. I needed lunch today. I hopped over to the nearby Chipotle after a very relaxingly paced swim. I ordered my usual salad, hold the beans, no rice, faJita veggies, barbacoa, hot salsa, cheese, and guaca o hai, no cheesies for you, it's dairy free time. As easy as I thought it'd be, I had almost let it slip. I had the salad today sans cheese. The result - still tasty. You can't beat substituting something you long for with guacamole goodness. And it is good. In the meantime, I'm playing off my nerves for my first triathlon by remembering that it should be fun and not take it so seriously. Fun. Fun. Fun. Most importantly, I learned to swim. It's good to be able to do more than just tread water. There's also the fact I'm in constant preparation for the zombie apocalypse and you just never know when you may have to swim from zombies. I just hope to never run into a zombie that routinely did triathlons. Scary thought. Sorry.


a.k.a. restinG. I'm in my active rest phase right now. Not that I felt all that great about my practice performances previously, but I do agree that there isn't much to be gained in the finals days leading up to an event. So I'm banking on things I know will help - sleep, rest, nutrition. I'm cutting out dairy fo sho fo sho until after the race. It's got a lot to do with inflammation, but more than that - it causes gut irritation due to either an intolerance or an allergy. I've never gotten tested to see which one it is, but I figure it doesn't matter - I know what it does. I don't need a lab test to tell me how to handle it - just stop consuming it. If I were a lolCat I'd say - o hai there milk free lifestyle, o lookie, no belly pains and bad juju on teh otha end. Yeah, don't know where that came from other than the fact I'm using my restful time reading the lolcat Bible. Srsly.

After this triathlon I plan on taking some soothing time off f…

WTF Sunday?!

What the? Why the? Really? Srsly!!?? I'm looking at a schedule of triathlons I want to compete in and they're all on Sundays. What the really? I like my mosey around on Sunday days. I like having a break between a hard weekend event and work. Boo. I'm sure it's a logistics thing, but really? Not a one that I want to do on a Saturday? Booo.

Swim, Bike, Run

Yup. Had our mini-mini tri last weekend. 500m open water swim, 15mi bike, and 2mi run. It was my first time in open water and I survived :P Of course, the weather was not going to cooperate. It started to rain. I got lost on the bike route. And I realized I don't like opening plastic bags of chews when my hands are wet. All good things to have experienced and learned.

I'm feeling confident that I'll finish the triathlon. I won't be my regular, competitive self. Then again, this is not my regular, competitive event. I'm getting my feet wet first. Next, Xterra. But a sprint. The longer stuff is not for me. Plus, I think I can get by on the shorter races with less practice/more rest. Besides, it'll be my excuse to keep up the swimmies.

Make me make vit D

Vitamin D, it's good for you. It is so good that your body even manufactures its own...given the proper conditions. It's made for you, by you. Can it get any better? There have been a few articles out on Mark's Daily Apple, Robb Wolff, and a few others (check sidebar) discussing vitamin D.

What did I gleam from these - I'm a f'in vampire. Apparently, it takes a person with light skin anywhere from 10-30 minutes to manufacture the necessary amount of good ol' D. The darker skin tones require around 1.5-2 hrs. I'm assuming the actual darkness/lightness of skin, amount of skin exposed, and use of sunblock/sunscreen also play a factor. So yeah. I workout in the morning, I swim in a pool at lunch, I do Crossfit inside (although sometimes outside, but not routinely). I spend an eight hour work day inside a building with beautiful windows to remind me that I am inside and not enjoying the outdoors. I am not getting enough natural light :( After reading the EWG'…

Peep at your girl

Or don't peep. I'm tired after a lengthy drill weekend. It was good though. Plus, my diet is getting back on track after the holidays. Not that it was terrible, but I could have done with less amounts of food and soda in general. It's not like anyone made me eat those ribs.

The triathlon training goes. I'm feeling confident of finishing, not so sure about my time though. Trying to get on that "just finish" kick. Still working on it. I have most of my brain convinced that all I need to do is finish. Now to convince my body that's ok and let it know not to kill itself.

In news other than this triathlon, I got in touch with a good kali instructor and hope to begin a little training soon. I think I'll do a few more endurance events, like the Xterra Lory tri and a 24hr bike relay, but it is time to start training to martial arts again.

mama's got a brand new bag

An awesome and lovable Nike Girl's Varsity duffel bag. Black with a cute print on the inside. Just what the doctor ordered for my sporting desires. Anyone who has a need for bags with nifty storage pouches can appreciate this one. The shoe compartment fits my shower shoes on the lower half and running shoes on the upper half. Yes they are physically separated. Awesome. There's a mesh inner pouch for shower accouterments and a smaller that holds the crap in your pockets until you need them again, which may be never. There's a lined jewelry pocket, a phone pocket, and a generic pocket on the other side. There's a mesh end pocket and a front "stuff shit into here on the fly" pocket. Overall, it fits my crap and is well organized. It's like me getting new socks.