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I might have enjoyed my ride today

Cycling was on the schedule today. I'm not a fan of road cycling at all. But it was on the schedule. A full hour and one-half. Booo...until I actually got into the ride. I rode towards the Security/Widefield area. It's not the flashiest part of Colorado, but it was a nice ride, especially at 0700 in the morning. The weather was nice, the wind was calm, and it was early enough that cars were sparse. I even braved south Academy by myself. I had a good time. Maybe it was riding by myself. Maybe it was the changing/warming weather. Whatever it was, I enjoyed cycling on the roAds more than usual.

With that said, I went mountain biking over the weekend. It made me wonder why one would ever want to bike another way. I went to Red Rock Canyon and it was gorgeous. Once again, was there around 0630/0700ish and it was not crowded at all. The climbs were horrible and I should have taken the downhills faster, but I was reminded of why I like two wheels in the first place. I wanted to do an…

step away from the gym

On Mark's Daily Apple, he talked about working out outside of the gym. You know, the primal way. I totally believe in this as I run and bike and hike outside. Really, there's nothing appealing about hiking indoors at a modern gym. I'm just trying to find some ways to be more active at work though. The constant sitting is getting to me. I stand up for a couple of minutes every hour and walk around, but that isn't cutting it. I'm used to walking up tons of stairs and having to always go to someone's office. Not so at this job. Boo.

I'm still alive...and also have some new shoes

Well. It'sMay. I'm not dead. I'm still doing a triathlon. On a good note, I got new shoes. Saucony Grid Type A4. A pretty pair of running flats. It isn't barefoot running or Vibrams, but it's as close as I'll get with my funky toes. I love the shoes. They provide just enough separation between me and the ground without being overbearing. I prefer lightweight shoes, so if you like the chunky support/cushioned shoes, don't listen to me. I'm getting jitters about my race, but I'm hanging in there. Almost there and then a nice relaxing time away from triathloning. Then off to look for an adventure race or outdoor triathlon WITH MOUNTAIN BIKING!!!

and rest

Lisa and Matt had their wedding this weekend. It was great. I didn't do much, I ate a lot, I danced, and I slept. And when we came back home on Sunday, we slept some more. It felt great to rest like that. Now, I'm ready to get back to the training.

No Garmin??!!

So, it's been some time since I've had a Garmin. I'm going through technology withdrawals. It is not pretty. I have no idea about the distances I run in the dark at half past butt crack of dawn. I can't see my cadence since my sensor has no Garmin to send the read-out too. And I have no customizable beeping for my oddly timed intervals. Wow, I didn't know I was so dependent. What's worse is that I don't care. I want my information saturation...except for heart rate. I could give a rat's ass about a heart rate monitor. Don't ask, just go with it.