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Tell me something I don't know...

I've got a heavy bottom half. Not new. But now, scientifically proven!!! That's right. The results from my lab rat experiment at UCCS have come in and they're pretty interesting. Although I've had a slight inkling that I held lots of weight in my hips, now it is confirmed, hips and thighs. Some women call these "problem areas." I call them "powerhouses." However, the fat in my body likes to love on my powerhouses.

For those of you (my few readers) that are familiar with the Paleo diet, you could only imagine what was said about my diet, especially in relation to grains. I would have switched back to a full grain filled diet were it not for the fact I feel a GAGILLION times better without them in my system. According to the nutritional analysis, I could stand to eat a bit more without gaining weight. This may be true. The other part of my Paleo eating - it's totally non-routine. Some days I eat a large breakfast, some days I don't eat breakfast. I follow some of the premise for intermittent fasting. But I had some vitamin intake at low levels that makes me think I need to start doing a full time food journal again. I'd rather be slightly overfed and have everything I need to perform well, instead of underfed and well...I'm not sure what goes hand-in-hand with underfed. I'm not waif, but I'm sure that's what being underfed leads to (not to knock on you naturally thin girls, but hey...).

I could only hope that someone is doing a study similar to this a year from now so I can participate again. It was that cool. Plus I'd like to see if training for a fight differs from training for a triathlon. Triathlon requires lots of energy consumption, fighting requires controlled energy consumption so I can make weight. My fight weight is about 10-11 lbs lighter than my current weight. So yeah, would be interesting to see where the weight comes off when trying to control overall weight. Keep a look out for university research on body scans and such, you'll find it very worthwhile!
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