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Tell me something I don't know...

I've got a heavy bottom half. Not new. But now, scientifically proven!!! That's right. The results from my lab rat experiment at UCCS have come in and they're pretty interesting. Although I've had a slight inkling that I held lots of weight in my hips, now it is confirmed, hips and thighs. Some women call these "problem areas." I call them "powerhouses." However, the fat in my body likes to love on my powerhouses. For those of you (my few readers) that are familiar with the Paleo diet, you could only imagine what was said about my diet, especially in relation to grains. I would have switched back to a full grain filled diet were it not for the fact I feel a GAGILLION times better without them in my system. According to the nutritional analysis, I could stand to eat a bit more without gaining weight. This may be true. The other part of my Paleo eating - it's totally non-routine. Some days I eat a large breakfast, some days I don't eat breakf

Sorry recovery, you can suck it...again

I went running out with the TnT "gang" today. First off, I'm tired. My sleep has been off, waking up although I'm still sleepy :( I have been doing a lot of my workouts early in the morning, so my body may just be trying to adapt to a different schedule. Of course, I still do my evening crossfits and jiu jitsu. So yes - tired. We had a farewell party for a gym coach yesterday. I might have over indulged in some food. So I woke up with less than perfect sleep and a gut hangover. Recovery - f* yo' face. I threw caution to the wind as I jumped into my Zoot compression socks (ok, maybe jump isn't the word), got my trusty Directional Fuel Belt waterbottle, and went to go for an hour run with the team. It was the typical first ten minutes of "why am I doing this crap," followed by easing into my stride. It ended on a good note. My Garmin has bit the dust. Now I have no idea to tell how much I've run or biked distance wise. Back to square one of ponde


I have hobbies. Plenty hobbies. Perhaps more hobbies than are good for a single person to have. So, I thought I'd prioritize my hobbies but then I realized, I like them all. That is why I do them. I even am having a hard time with triathlon training, but I put swimming at a priority in my day. I don't want to suck at anything I do. That means putting in the time to try to do it right. So, now I'm going to have to go from a perspective of trying to prioritize what's important, to time management to get the most from all the things I like. Here it goes - jiujitsu. Yes. Always work on jiujitsu so I don't suck at a fight later on this year. Triathlon. O the bane of my existence, how I still am oddly drawn towards the sprint form. I think I'll be doing maybe one Olympic tri a year and maybe a spattering of sprint tris. Besides, it's a good way for me to get cycling and running into one event - both things I like. Mtb. I miss my mountain bike (his name

Water Bottle Review

Fuel Belt, oh how I love thee. I got this at the Boulder Running Company. It isn't much, but it's all I need. It holds 6oz of fluid, has a belt CLIP, and hangs upside down. The black strap down the middle is the Velcro strap used by paranoid people, such as myself, to make sure the water bottle does not fall out. I ran with it clipped to my sweats, so I'm not terribly sure of how it would feel on the first layer against the skin. It's great though. It held just enough sport drink for me, I don't go on uber long runs. The only reason I got this was because my Team in Training coach said to get a system for longer runs. Little did I know how much I'd like this. My next test is to practice mixing it with either gu, gel, or these little Honey Stinger chews I've seen. And also, my preferred sport drink - Accelerade. You got to love a company that patents a carb:protein ratio.


So as part of the Team in Training bit, they're providing wetsuits. We give them sizes and weight, they give up choices - i.e. sleeveless or long sleeves. They recommend long sleeves, but say that if you have broad shoulder you may want to opt for sleeveless. Ideas anyone??? I've got pretty large shoulders and biceps. I could use the extra help of the full sleeves though. Decisions.

the power of peer pressure compels you

I made it to another swim session this week. Wahoooo! I didn't make the run practice yesterday due to the crappy weather. The power of the group practice made me show. Doubters beware, it works. If you need this type of encouragement, try Team in Training. If you feel tired and sore and don't want to practice, wait until you get the emails with stories from cancer survivors talking about how your fund raising efforts have helped them with things such as getting treatments all the way to participating in the events. There's nothing that screams "Sunny, you're a " like that. It's like the time I was whining at the Bataan Memorial Death March as I came to a water station. Yeah, imagine me as I thought of my miserable self complaining about a one day event in front of an actual survivor. Right?! My few hours of pain vs his days on end of pain and torture.  Not only did I make it to practice, I got more confidence with this swimming shizz. Ten minutes may not

I'm no fish

...but I am the girl who passed her swim assessment! It looked painful from the surface, I'm sure. It was only 800m, which I've done before, but not with the weight of it being a "swim assessment." Which, knowing me, you know I likely started too fast, passed people way early, and fought like crazy to not be passed myself. Perhaps too much going on there for someone at my level. I definitely need more drill work, but this month is dedicated swim month so I'm feeling good that my swimming will improve in the upcoming weeks. Now, I just need to make sure I don't let my running and cycling legs go to hell.