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Triple whamee.

Mondays. Ugh. Tri workout, Crossfits, and Jiu jitsu. Luckily, I made a delicious mashed sweet potato and carmelized apples dish for my post workout meal and ate it immediately after my metcon. It was delicious and no big crash. I'm a little tired today, but it's early and I have yet to fully wake up. Yesterday was a swimming day. I'm feeling better in the pool and ready to get serious about learning this flip turn thingy so I can try to string laps together. We'll see how that goes next time. The jiu jitsu folks are going to the OTC every Friday for some training with the judo team. I should be there, but I'm resisting the urge until I'm done with this triathlon. Going to class is one thing, going to roll with Olympic athletes after a workout is something I'm not crazy enough to do yet...yet.

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Dear Natural Hair, Let Me Explain...

I posted the snap of me with my hair brushed out some weeks ago. I wanted my friends to see the difference a brush makes. All too often, they think my curly hair remains curly. Some people don’t understand why I look at them enviously as they brush their hair in the middle of the day. Sure, if I worked at a place where my brushed out hair was perceived as professional, maybe I could do that. However, my mid-day hair brushing friends and I work at the same place and I get to sit by and watch them deal with their tangles johnny on the spot. I. I have to wait until I get home and can tame the beast of tangles by creating an entirely different beast. Such is my hair.
I’ve learned to love my hair.  After years of trying to hide the curls with relaxers, fancy products, and buns – I have learned. Yes, I’m jealous of people who can ride in a car with the windows down and do nothing more than brush out the wildness. I still get angry when I brake a brush or pull bristles. That does not get in…

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Here's a picture from the December 16, 2010 WOD from the main site. It's a pretty picture, nice view. The comments to the picture were interesting. A majority of comments related to how pretty the lady was. Other comments wanted to know about the front view. There were also comments about how the picture was distasteful, unwanted, unnecessary. Some comments stated that lady in the picture wasn't what a "real" woman looked liked. Interesting.

I've heard claims that the Crossfit community, and others as well, is all about leveraging functionality and strength. Muscles are required to be strong. There is not much definition in the back of this girl. That was the root of some comments. She was stereotypically pretty and not Crossfit pretty. I understand. My first reaction to the people raving about the "Strong = Sexy" Life as Rx tee, what you really meant to say was "Anything without a top = sexy." Don't get the two confused b…