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Emotions. Drained.

Allstate offers a service for breaking up with your car insurance. I almost feel like I need them to break up with my gym. I'm switching to a different gym today, but still have to finish my personal training clients with my old gym. So I'll be working out at one and working at another. Sounds somewhat odd when I think about it, but I'm looking forward to making the switch. It really hasn't been that hard to discuss with the gym owner, but they asked for me not to tell people that I'm leaving. At first this didn't seem like a problem. But part of me is excited and loves talking about it, so it sucks not being able to share my excitement. So in the meantime, I post it here knowing that people from my gym don't read this blog, but people that can share my excitement or understand what a deal this is to me do. Acceptable compromise for now, even though I'd like to share the news with other people.

On a training note - I've bought a bicycle trainer. Bicycle Village had a tent sale this weekend, but no real deals on trainers. With any discount I could get at that store, had a cheaper offer with shipping included. I went for a long run on Saturday and finally learned to slow down my pace. Unfortunately, I think it ended up hurting my knees and surrounding musculature more than running faster. My form probably wasn't the greatest at the slower pace.

I'm looking for some good tri shorts to buy. Any recommendations are welcomed. Product reviews coming soon for warm weather gear!

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