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I gots another pair of underarmour socks. For those of you that know me and my worksallthetimefilipina mother, you know I give shits about socks. They're pretty important. LOVE THEM! The verdict on UA socks - awesome. The heat gear socks (both liner and cushion) are awesome. Don't expect the cushion to provide a lot of soft feel, but just enough to help you ease into a lightweight trainer/race shoe. The liner is awesome when you want a lot of road feel. Both those socks retain their elasticity for the long haul. I've used and abused them in Qatar and still abuse them in Colorado to this day. I will get rid of these socks due to bleach having no effect on the dirty bottoms they get from me walking around in them during Crossfit before I get rid of them for wear and tear. The cushier kind I also have is not on the website but I find in plenty of stores. They are great for colder weather. They are thick all around, but don't provide the fit and tightness of the other heat


I couldn't put the emphasis on it so it sounded like the recover military people are used to hearing when doing group calisthenics. Oh well. Yesterday was my oral defense for my dissertation. Everything is complete and I'm taking a couple days as a mental break. Tomorrow I will start back up with swimmies. I actually miss swimmies :( But not as much as a miss free time that was taken up with way too many hobbies and school work. Now it's back to hobbies. With this newly found time on my hand, I'm thinking of throwing caution to the wind and picking up another activity. I did fencing awhile ago. Maybe I should try it again or maybe something new. Or maybe I should stick to training for this triathlon and not overdo the activities...nah. My new Crossfits gym is inside a climbing wall gym, I should just start climbing again. This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.

Shallow Pockets

This just in - I'm POOR!!! Just kidding...well, not really. But in my thought train that I would get a new fancy watch, I remembered - I have no money. Why the heck am I worrying about gadgetry when I've got no dolla-dolla bills yo? Then I was sad. Then I remembered I did ok without fancy gadgetry before and I can wait until I get a steady paycheck (soon!) to get more toys. After doing a few of the CFE workouts for cycling and swimming. I'm liking triathlons more. I think I just needed to change things up a bit as far as practice. The triathlon I'm doing also opened up a sprint division so now I'm thinking of moving down to that. Very uncharacteristic of me, but the swimmies thing has me worried. I can do a mile...but not right now and I'm afraid that if I don't do it well in June that I'll mentally beat myself so much that I don't do another triathlon based off of one unstellar performance. Sometimes I wished I were fucked up in the head in a differ

Underwater timer?

I know the Garmin 310 has the ability to do programmed intervals in the pool. I like that feature. I can plug in either distance or time and it'll tell me when to go and start. Alas, I have the 405, not known for its ability to be submerged in the water for long times. So I thought about getting the FR50 or 60 as a cheaper alternative to the 310. Any ideas?

The power of an indoor trainer

CFE Cycling workouts began to make more use of power training. This is great I thought...until I realized there are no cheap power meters out there. If anyone knows of a relatively well priced power meter, please point me in the right direction. As for the workout, it went great. It was fast and I could keep the up with the prescribed cadence my coach had set, which happens to be 90. It was a little difficult to get a feel for cadence when I rode Garden of the Gods. Being on the trainer helped me get a better feel for pedal speed. Not sure I like it, but it's worth a try and I understand the reasoning for it. The temptation to pedal slower is just so great in this one . I'm looking forward to doing a few of these CFE workouts and seeing where I'm at when I can get back to the regular team workouts on the weekends and next month.

My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes

No. I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. Right at this moment, the traditional tri style of working out is bumping and grinding with my mind/body. Boo. Yesterday, I ran a lot of 800s. Today, I swam a lot...for me, probably not much for the normal swimmer though. It isn't that I don't enjoy these things. I do. However, my body is used to higher intensity and shorter workouts. If you ever wandered over to the Anerobic Endurance/Crossfit Endurance websites, you'll see the loathing of long slow distance. I don't loath long distances. I actually like to mix a few in during the week, like a long bike ride or weekend run. However, I like to keep the other workouts short. I've used the running workouts mixed with long runs and had success. I'm not sure I have the swimming base to do the Crossfit Endurance workouts though. Do I mix and match workouts? Do I stay true to the workouts my coach gives me? Or do I go against what my body is saying is w


I didn't eat right before swimming the other day, but I still had an ok time. I'm not where I want to be, just getting there ever so slowly. I feel like I have more control over my body in the water and I'm able to make corrections to my only if I could maintain the things I correct :) Also had a great time at the new gym doing the workout there. I feel like I got an intense workout, but I recovered well for the next day's activities. That's a pretty important thing. Before I felt like I was never recovered in time for the next day, I was drained. Also, my form is shaping up because we're doing things I haven't done in a long time. We'll see how I feel swimming on Wednesday if this stuff keeps up.

Emotions. Drained.

Allstate offers a service for breaking up with your car insurance. I almost feel like I need them to break up with my gym. I'm switching to a different gym today, but still have to finish my personal training clients with my old gym. So I'll be working out at one and working at another. Sounds somewhat odd when I think about it, but I'm looking forward to making the switch. It really hasn't been that hard to discuss with the gym owner, but they asked for me not to tell people that I'm leaving. At first this didn't seem like a problem. But part of me is excited and loves talking about it, so it sucks not being able to share my excitement. So in the meantime, I post it here knowing that people from my gym don't read this blog, but people that can share my excitement or understand what a deal this is to me do. Acceptable compromise for now, even though I'd like to share the news with other people. On a training note - I've bought a bicycle trainer. Bi

Marching along

I did my Crossfit workout and swam yesterday. Nothing exciting really. My legs have recovered from the weekend and I'm feeling good in the body. I had a late dinner, which I'm not fond of and neither is my belly. A wee bit on the tired side, but we managed to fester out more sleep yesterday than we have in the past week. It wasn't much, but it was something. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Not to party all night, but to just have a relaxing weekend with no pressing purpose in mind. Today is a rest day for triathlon training. I'm taking it.

Making the sacrifice

Yesterday was a mental day. Success one - going swimming and truly doing a "light" day. I practiced my drills mostly. I did a few faster lengths trying to get the concept of going faster without a higher stroke turnover. Got it. Good. Success two almost didn't occur - it was to not do a s&c workout in the evening. I am still a wee sore and tired from the weekend certification I went to. I consider myself to not be weak in the s&c area, so it was the right thing to ditch when leveraging recovery. At the same time, I'm a personal trainer at the gym I workout at. The people there are used to seeing me working out each day. It is a great family environment, so I feel like I'm missing out when I see them working hard and not getting to play. It felt crappy to miss out on the fun, but I did it. I'm feel better than yesterday. Had I worked out, I would still be completely trashed. Ok, I get it. Sacrifice made, but it sure was a hard one to do :(

Crossfit L1 Cert. Check.

I had to rearrange my training schedule last week for the purpose of attending the CF L1 certification course in Golden, Go this past weekend. It was well worth it. While the politics of Crossfit have created massive issues with its acceptance and my attitude towards some of its promoters, the theory and concepts expressed at the cert were professionally presented and thoughtful. The instructors were awesome and I learned a lot. Part of the cert is hands on along with a few workouts scattered across two days. The end result - I'm so sore :( My legs are hips are smoked. I think today will be light on the swimming and zero strength/conditioning. I'm thinking active recovery. I've got a few more ideas now on how to structure my strength/conditioning workouts to line up more with my triathlon and "other" sports/expensive hobbies training.

I am motivated. I am Ali in the Jungle

This is the song that goes to the Nike Human Chain commercial. I had just heard a wee bit of it from the commercial and then Googled the song. Really, it was pretty genius to pair this song with that commercial. The lyrics are very simple. Nothing awe inspiring as far as complexity, however the message is motivational if you've ever lived a bit of life (period dot end sentence single space). I swam today. Tried to do some of the prescribed workout and found myself forgetting the distance I swam. Pretty neat for me because it meant I was going more than one length before taking a long break :P The life guard noticed I was getting better too. I had to start somewhere and now I'm moving forward, that's what matters for now. Off I go to humm this song more, I hope it gets stuck in my head since it seems to be a pretty nifty soundtrack option.

I'm gonna git you sucka...later though

Triathlon training. It's rough stuff. I'll get it soon. I'm coming from a sprinting, pole vaulting background and have been doing primal and Crossfit style workouts for the past year. That all equals a "go, go, go, push, push, push" mentality where everything is intense. All. The. Time. While, I'm used to figuring out what 60%, 80%, etc is, I am absolutely having a hard time applying it to something that lasts longer than a pole vault approach :( The important thing - I realize I have this issue. It is a work in progress and I'm dealing with right now. Man, it's tough though. I'm listening to the Paleolithic Solution Podcast right now, so nutrition is also on my mind. I had a huge lunch yesterday and it destroyed my appetite for dinner. Note to self - stop that. I just baked some coconut flour cranberry and blueberry muffins :P I'm waiting for other things to take place in my day and will be on my way to a bike ride. With intensity in mind,

Triple whamee.

Mondays. Ugh. Tri workout, Crossfits, and Jiu jitsu. Luckily, I made a delicious mashed sweet potato and carmelized apples dish for my post workout meal and ate it immediately after my metcon. It was delicious and no big crash. I'm a little tired today, but it's early and I have yet to fully wake up. Yesterday was a swimming day. I'm feeling better in the pool and ready to get serious about learning this flip turn thingy so I can try to string laps together. We'll see how that goes next time. The jiu jitsu folks are going to the OTC every Friday for some training with the judo team. I should be there, but I'm resisting the urge until I'm done with this triathlon. Going to class is one thing, going to roll with Olympic athletes after a workout is something I'm not crazy enough to do yet...yet.