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Bike. Check.

It was cold this morning, 70% chance of snow cold. But I soldiered up and put on some warmer clothing to go for a mild bike ride for 45 minutes. It wasn't anything exciting and I really didn't do too much. What I did do is get time in the bike I will be riding for my tri and adjust to doing things in cooler temperatures. Usually, I wait until it's pretty warm to start my mountain biking and running outside. So making myself do stuff in this type of weather is a challenge and I'm slowly doing it. I don't like it, but I'm doing it. I will say the run was better than the bike since you don't have the speed to make the frost feel worse. And double high five for spending money on warm weather gear, it's paying off already. Now to save up for a trainer.

You're cold as ice

Today was an easy 50 minute the snow at Spruce Mountain Open Space. It wasn't as bad as I thought - the cold that is. The running part was still harsh but made easier with my Yak-traks. I thought the walk from the mile away parking spots to work was the only reason I'd use those suckers, but they came in handy today. I'm glad I forgot I left them in my car and didn't take them out like I originally was going to do. I warmed up after the first five-ten minutes. I didn't run too fast because of the snow, but it was a new thing to try and wasn't half bad thanks to tech gear that's light weight, yet warm (I sound like a commercial). Seriously though, today's run made me feel justified for being a gear junkie. Now only if I could find a water bottle carrying system I don't mind running with.

Guilt, remorse, and getting over it

I got on the stationary bike yesterday only to feel a stabbing pain in my hip. Nothing was wrong with my hip, the stationary bike was just a poor fit. Part of me said to continue on, the other part said fuck it. The other part won, I left without finishing my ride :( I felt a little guilty and thought of ways I could "make up" for the missing the workout. Then I gave myself a mental slap. The guy from Mark's Daily Apple (you know - Mark:) made a comment about people sabotaging healthy lifestyles with a need to constantly be perfect. I think this was a good example. To help me move through the ill feelings of missing a workout, I made a list of why it was "ok:" 1. It is early in the training 2. I've been on a bicycle before, many times actually (priority 1 = swimming) 3. Stationary bikes are not like road bikes, the translation isn't perfect 4. I remembered to eat a post workout banana the other day - celebrate :P 5. It isn't going to kill me

Early wake up

I went to sleep late last night, which made waking up this a.m. horrible. I do feel better though. Not comfortably tired, but comfortably sore. I'm working in ways I'm not used to, so it's ok to be sore (got that brain?!). I've gotten a bit more in sync with this swimming business. Nothing near where I need to be, but what I "should" be doing is making sense. It is snowing here which makes a craptacular day for biking outside. I told myself I'd get a trainer, that was last year. I'm paying for my procrastination now. I hate the stationary bike.

Getting into the training

I've got a few of these Team in Training workouts under my belt. The thought of training so many sports for one event is becoming more manageable. Slowly. No gym workout yesterday was a good idea. I'm feeling more upbeat today. I think by next week I will be able to add belly dancing or another jiu jitsu class back into my schedule...or not. I'm liking the balance I have right now, so we'll see. I don't think I'll be training for a jiu jitsu tournament or belly dance performance at the same time as a triathlon. It's still new territory for me, so sacrifices must be made...unfortunately by me :(  But I'm taking the more upbeat feeling as a good sign. Even though I didn't wake up easily, I did sleep better and feel more rested. Hooray for progress!

Sorry body! My bad.

I had some awesome sausages from Whole Paycheck (aka Whole Foods) last night. Unfortunately, it was after a swim session followed by Crossfit. I got the same results as the last time I tried to use protein as a post workout fuel - crash and burn. I thought I would've learned from last time, but I didn't. Bananas, why hast thou forsaken me?!! To tell the truth, I did neglect going to the store to pick up some good bananas and sweet potatoes. They are on my list for tonight though! Today I have a track workout and will probably skip Crossfit so I can dedicate more energy to recovery. I will also try going to bed on time...

Really? Swimming?

Swimming. Ugh. We have a love/hate relationship. Like on the Asics commercials about running, except I don't wear Asics and we're not talking running...well you get the idea. I love that I'm learning to swim correctly, I still hate swimming. I'm not comfortable with you just yet swimming. Maybe next month.

Snowboarding and insomnia

Went snowboarding on Sunday and had a good day up at Breck. It ended up getting cold and Andrew and I thought we would freeze soon, so we left early afternoon. It was a good call, snow started coming down heavier and roads became dicey. Had we stayed longer, it would have been a more miserable drive back to the springs. This morning, I was supposed to have an early morning personal training client. Classes were canceled due to weather. So off to bed I went, but back up to the computer I came. Insomnia? Maybe? After that entire overtraining ordeal of 2009, I'm pretty sensitive to my sleep disturbances. I don't want to go down that road again after feeling just starting to get the hang of good sleep. Last week I cut down on the amount of Crossfit workouts I do. I'm hoping the fuel reserves are rebounding so I feel more energetic this week. The diet is well. I'm trying to figure out a good carb balance while training. After reading Paleo for Athletes, I've got a go

Comfortably Tired

I had a hard time waking up today, I won't lie. However, I didn't slam the alarm clock against the wall and I didn't fall asleep in the shower. I had Crossfit followed by swimming yesterday. I was beat, as to be expected. I think I would have been a little better off if I had gone to sleep earlier. I tried, but my body was still wound up from the late night workouts and later than usual meal. Maybe some hot tea would have been good for me. Right now, I'm awake, alert, and comfortably tired. My body is realizing it had a hard day yesterday but still has some energy to give today's nice, even bike ride a go.

Need more sleep

Yesterday, I had a short Crossfit workout followed by a running workout with my TnT Triathlon team. I had about an hour break between sessions. I'm dog tired. I think I need 1. better post/between workout foods and 2. more sleep. What will this get me? It will save me from waking up too early and cutting into my sleep to do one workout in the morning and one in the evening. If I get my sleep situation figured out so I can do that, I'll let you know how God gave me a couple more hours in the day :)


My neck is in utter pain from jiu jitsu. I'm going to need some "tuffening-up" so I can continue this barrage of training for way too many things than my body can handle. Pray for me.

Mama gets what mama wants, new shoes are in

The bike is in, the shoes are in. I am now the owner of a Specialized Allez road bike. I feel like I'm betraying my more stylish and fun (and heavier) Rocky Mountain handcrafted mountain bike. I got mountain shoes, a fantastic pair of Sidis. Trying to avoid getting specialized in the tri/road side of the house because I'm a trail lover at heart. I'll be riding my mountain bike more than my road bike after this triathlon. If I can get one set of shoes to pull double duty, why not? The weather in the Springs is currently crappy, on-off snow/cold with deceiving sunny (but still cold) days. I'll be on the bike soon though. Swimming has been going well. I've had two personal lessons so far, just to work on my form. I'm not at all where I need to be, but I think I'll be in "ok" condition for the triathlon. I'm reigning back the goals for this event. I want to swim well, but be able to conserve energy for the bike and run since I'm better in tho