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and I raaaaan, I ran so far awaaaay

Kat was in town for a visit. She wanted to run, so I agreed to run just a little bit with her. I wasn't going to run exactly what she was running. Why? Because she will run longer than I have any desire to run in a given day. I, having been off the running habit for some time, decided to run only 4 miles. Then we got to the 2 mile point and I didn't feel so bad. Then we past the 3 mile point. I was contemplating going for the 4, but decided that was too much for re-starters. So, my total run for today was 6.61. It wasn't so bad and I don't feel so terrible now. Ask me again tomorrow though.

Paleo for Athletes, Primal Blueprint

Meet my new diets. Two different books that share a majority of theory. I spent the past couple months cleaning up my diet to be more Paleo, now it is time for me to start tweaking it to start training. I stayed away from starchy veggies and high sugar fruits, now I have to work those back in slowly. The Paleo Diet for Athletes gives plenty of recommendations for timing of carb intake in relation to workout (like down to the hour). So I will spend the next few days figuring out how to do this without placing a large food burden on myself.

So no turning back

Well, I registered for the Team in Training. I'm doing the Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic Triathlon in Colorado on June 26. Plenty of time for me to either train or procrastinate with training. If you can help with any donations (I need to raise about $2500), please follow the link on the right to my fundraising website and donate away! Any help is appreciated.